Kidnapped Lilongwe woman found safe


A Lilongwe woman who went missing after being kidnapped on Monday has been found safe.

Police confirmed to the local media that the woman Jane Nthakomwa has been found alive in Kasungu though she is in deep shock.


Nthakomwa: found alive

According to Police, Nthakomwa was taken to Kasungu District Hospital to receive medical care.

Nthakomwa was kidnapped along Area 14 road at around 8pm on Monday when she was coming from City Centre in Lilongwe.

According to reports, her car was found near Gateway Mall in the city with keys on the ignition.

A post circulating on social media said the abductors allowed her to make phone calls to her husband and neighbours to inform them of her situation before all her phones went offline.





  1. Wonders shall never lets change teminology frm kidnapping to adultnapping .nowonder she is safe and dry returns home without the nappers asking for rasom .

  2. Hahaha please ask her what happened we want to know because people ware praying to God for her please alongosole bwino zinali bwanji amusiyabwanji police invesgete sife opusa

  3. social media why
    i was told she died in south Africa. they said there was road accident in south Africa and she died on the spot

  4. what about her itemz that she had by the tym she kednaped. hey pple osamangonama if it waz agame akumana nazo cauz some tym umaziloselela wekha zinthu nanga just think of those pple they know how they recieved the nkhani the tym she went missing

  5. nde chinali chibwezitu..comment loading..what were the motive of kidnappers? haa kodi who securated that news? was it realy anews or a rumor..

  6. Malawi 24 you miss other important points on this news but if it is like this aaaaa it doesn’t make any sense.What was motives of the kidnappers? how did they release her?.These are questions everyone have right now.

  7. Mxiew…Bomboclats.So who do they think they are fooling?…Just play your games nicely and don’t give people headaches with your stupid tactics.

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