MAM tells Muslims not to participate in demos


Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has said  Muslims in the country should not participate in the 13 December Public Affairs Committee (PAC) demos since demonstrating is against Islamic teachings.

This is according to the letter that MAM has issued and has been signed by its Secretary General Alhaj Twaibu Lawe.

Muslims asked not to take part in demos.

The letter urges all Muslims in the country not to take part in the demos by quoting the holy book of Qur’an which says that we should obey the ones in authority.

“O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the messenger and those in authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger that is if you believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is the best way and best in result,” reads the verse from holy book of Quran quoted in the letter.

MAM has told all Muslims based on the facts from Quran that no any Muslims should take part in the so called peaceful demos by PAC.

“In view of the forgoing Qur’an and the teachings of the prophet, MAM is appealing to all Muslims in the country not to participate in the so called peaceful demonstrations and we insist that the process of contact and dialogue must continue,” reads the letter .

Recently, another Muslim grouping called Quadria Muslim Association of Malawi (QMAM) encouraged Muslims to take part in the demos as it will help to back the democracy of the country.



  1. Kkkk so funy to hear peace thing from mouth of violent lions……dziko lapasi ngat kuli maiko ankhondo 10….9 ndiachislam nde ka demo kanchani…..noses in a Christian country!!!!

  2. Muslims demonstrate world wide right now demos are underway in Gaza,Abuja and other places why Malawian Muslims,MAM members what your smoking will kill you is too strong

  3. If you are not sure sometimes its better to keep quiet than calling forced press conference sometimes you may think you are doing the wright thing when you sre making a mistake for future generations. Arab countries are on demos each and every day which peace are they talking. According to Islam if some one slaps you once to revenge slap him 7times

  4. opemphera weniweni amene amawerenga akuyenera akhale maso, adzifuse kuti mchifukwa chani a Catholic ndiamene akukhala pa tsogolo poyambitsa ma Demo? there is something under the ground.mudzazindikila mochedwa ena amene mwavomerezanu

  5. Siine msilamu ndine wa Catholic koma inuyo na nkhani yokhayi yokana ma demo ndagwilizana nanu olo anthu akunyozeni zitayeni dziko lapansi ndi choncho!

  6. Kkkkkkkkk Mmene ndiwadziwira ine Asilamu kukonda ziwawa nkumat sakankhalanawo, Ayi zinthu zikalongosoka zankhalabwin.Atangosintha kut aliyense akatenge chida,Anebawo ndee paliponsepotu yao ija mamufit.

  7. Aslileni eni chipani Cha PAC ayende okha ndipo Akafenso okha.komanso mumati Islam is War Religion leroli ali oyambitsa War ndiuti?Mudazolowera zibwana pititixani zibwaNa.ndimaganiza nga PAC pokhala Body ya zipembezo ndekt salowera ndale koma lero ndikutha kuona kuti nonse muli ku PAC ndinu nkhumbs xomaonetsa machende odachita manyazi.kodi inu a PAC mumadana ndi DPP why?ndinu mudali okhunxidwa pa imfa ya Bingu cox mudapeereka presure mumtima so muphenso Petet?

  8. Good good good asiileni amitandawo poti anazolowela kupha simmaona mmene anamuphela Yesu wawo uja mwankhaza ndimopanda chisoni ife monga ma musllim anthu antendele zimenezo ife ayo

  9. Demonstrations in Palestine,Turkey,Lebanon and all around the Muslim world, and Malawi Muslims say it is against Islamic teachings ,you are mad .

  10. Chipembezo ndi ndale ndizathu zonse, paja andale amapemphelaso asanayambe ndale, komaso achipembezo amapemphelaso kuti ndale ziyende bwino. Komaso wachipembezo ndife amene timavota, even andale ndiachipembezoso, zonse zimayendera limozi. MAM think twice, this Malawi is for all of us, how can u say like that, U dont want to participate then it better to go and live somewhere, rather than living here in Malawi. We are in the same ship , and our ship is sinking and u are just keeping quite!!!! Shame on u.

  11. Anthu inu kodi mukamati zandale kuphatikiza ndi za mulungu sibwino mukuthandauza chani? Coz Its the same people who goes to church ⛪ who participate in politics komaso azitumiki amulungu if they take part pa zandale hopefully everything will be done peacefully.just look at archbishop Desmond tutu how he contributed to the south African politics.just imagine going to church without food in your homes,no roads,bridges,hospitals,schools and many more services which will be provided by the government which we choose by voting and that is through politics.if we not happy takapangeni ziwoneselo it’s not a sin

  12. Tikamaonera pa TV pafupi fupi tsiku liri lose maiko a chisilamu amakhala ndi zionetselo , mwafumbata kanthutu inu chilungamo chidzaululika. Mwadya banzi inu.

  13. Some of the churches are corrupt and they rip and harvest the little money of the poor without mercy. How can they fight the corrupt Government? Some members of the churches will join the demonstrations as part of exercise to loose weight.

  14. Sopano MAM ingamapange zopusazo zomakathamanga Musewu usiya umakapemphela, bwanji kuti zitheke kungo umupempha Ambuye wa kumwambayo kuti zitheke zimenezo mukufunazo than umakathamanga

  15. A pat at your back from me, MAM. Demos aren’t part of solutions in Malawi. Waste of time. This is one shrewd verdict MAM can do for a better Malawi. If an organisation’s affiliates start withdrawing, means vote of no confidence. We know APM and DPP aren’t angels but that doesnt make Chakwera and PAC good.

  16. Its outrageous how these MaM people have taken Malawian Muslims as ignorant, docile fools. They expect Malawian Muslims to do whatever they say without question all because they pose themselves as the conveyors of righteousness. Are they to tell us that it is wrong and sinful to protest against the current mediocre democracy which impedes real progress in as far as democratic system is concerned? Is it wrong to protest the current energy situation that has wrangled many businesses of hardworking Malawians? Islam talks about rights of the people, is it wrong for Muslims to exercise their given right in protesting against a system that is oppresive and corrupt at best? Is it wrong for the Muslims to demand their fair share of rights in as far as their social contract with government is converned? Its plain to see, these Mam people are getting the directives to call off the demos from guys above (i.e Peter Mutharika) just to line their pockets with large sums of that DPP money as its a normal business there at MaM. Its plain to see there is a political engineer behind all this who is trying to get Malawian Muslims under its political wing by using MaM as it vessel for control of propaganda so that Muslims can vote for them (DPP). This isn’t far fetched as we witnessed during the last months Peter Mutharika make a scathing speech at a Muslim congregation. Shame! Even Peter he knows that he can never use a Catholic Church podium to insult the opposition as this would be considered tasteless and unbecoming yet we witnessed this happening in front of our eyes and no one person has come to condemn this ludicrous act? Propaganda directed to Malawian Muslims is a fool proof plan since for propaganda to thrive there is a need for uneducated masses who are easily persuaded and who are the best target for that propaganda? They are the Muslims which according to statistics are among highest illiterate groups in Malawi… It’s ironic because illiteracy reduction is one of Mam’s objectives. Shame !

  17. MAM yachita bwino..akufuna zikalakwika kumeneko aziti asilamu anapanga zakuti..paja mmaziwa kuwanamizira asilamu zilizonse

  18. As far as l know most of the muslims are not educated that’s why they are failing to take part zao izo a PAC go ahead to bring light where there is darkness

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  20. This is a Christian country. With islam or without islam, we have to liberate our nation. The moslems are marching in all Arabic countries against Trump’s decision. They forget that Trump can’t go against God’s covenant. Jerusalem is an ancient holy city for the Jews. Anyone who curses the Jews will be cursed, but anyone who blesses them will be blessed. Trump is after blessings.

  21. Really? I hear the most Islamic countties are demonstrating against Trump decision of making Jerusalem the Capital of Israel, I would like to believe that Islamic teachings are the same

  22. Mwasowa chonena and mwayamba Za mipingo. Mwayiwara kuti mumipingo mumaukirana mpaka kumenyana. We are talking about democratical governance of a state. The choice is yours. The Catholics, I believe, have not ‘ invited all religions to join the march even though top officials of those religions are members of PAC. You see, the hypocrisy there?

  23. Do not mix religious with politics please dza Mulungu dzikhale dza Mulungu. Ngati tsanakupatseni ndalama bansi mudziwa waudza a Asillum dzoputsa bansi

  24. Chitani monga chipembezo chanu chikufunira. Koma ma Shehe anuwo anli kuti komanso koraniyo mwalidziwa lerooo? Tikuwoneraninso nanuuu

  25. Demonstration is against islamic teachings kkkkk in middle east order of the day is demonstrating against israel america against shia againt suni demo demo demo nde inu muti bwanji

  26. akhale asilamuwo tilibe nawo ntchito,mesa anazolowela kuchitilidwa zinthu…asiyeni azilimbana ndikudulana mbolo ndikusetela manja..

  27. I Respect the decision by MAM and I believe that what democracy is all about …we will disagree but will remain united in diversity…and I urge all Malawians you will march in the demos or not respect the opposing views held MAM ..

  28. Let me first say that islam is areligion of peace and its teachings doesnt condone terrolism.
    Plane hijackings and hostage taking even killings of innocent people that are happening today is contrary to islamic teachings.
    It must be noted that,each and every religion has misguided followers .am saying so becouse of the word JIHAD.
    Many do not understand the meaning of the word jihad.jihad means to strive in Allah’s way so killings of innocent souls is not jihad.many islamic countries that are fighting today its becouse of polotical motives .

    Secondly,one thing you must know is that alot of islamic institutions have been dominated by yao’s and many of them have yellow colour in their DNA no wonder MAM has made this choise.
    Quran 34 vs 28 says:”and we have sent you “o muhamad”exept as agiver of good tidings and a warner to all mankind but most men know not.
    This verse cleary says that muhamad was sent to all man king not a single tride which simply tells that islam is for all trides not anly yao’s so a muslim who is a bonafied malawian and who wants better for this country will have to demostrate.

    1. donot bring confusion in islam if u like money go a head with your politician not in islam if something go wrong whom ugonna blame what is job of MP in area dont force islamic religions followers to do wrong things which is not part of blief and teachings of our religion ican see that your politicain so go and do those demos with your political party not muslims from to day stop pushing muslim to do those act of christias go yourself join pac

    2. U r just making noise. How many Islamic terrorist groups are there? How much innocent blood have they shade? And u say u r peaceful people?

    3. All terrorists r Muslims. All suicide bombers r Muslims. All plane hijackers r Muslims. Boko Haram, Alqida, Islamic Jihad are all Muslim sponsored terrorists. And then u say Islam means peace?

  29. Inu mkuona ngat MAM akukumana ndi mavuto amene amalwai akukumana nawo ngati iwowo zawo zinayera kkkkkk,dziko ndi anthu ake and zomwe aboma akuchita MAM zimatsangalatsa

  30. My opinion professor Peter munthalika should not be voted into power again coming next election, I don’t see any acknowledge of leadership in him…….

  31. manyazi kwa onse ozinenera kuti ndi akhristu choonde sinthani dzinali kumbukilani petro atadulakhutu la munthu uja pomwe amamugwiraYesu mukanakhala mabishop achilombonu mukanamuchiritsa note Yesu anati phunzirani kwaine. apainumukuphunzira kwa chilombo nkumati ndinu akhristu. mudzinalayesu musiyekuzicha dzinali Yesayaanalosera kale zainu akadzi 7 azabwera kwamwamuna mmodzi

  32. Akhale after all they are nothing contributing just little percentage of Malawian population,so why worry about them?Ifetu timatcha come Dec13

  33. Zoonadi simungapange nawo sinanga ndizioneselo za mtendere akanati pobwera mutenge zikwanje kudzakhala kupha anthu mukanadzapanga nawo….komanso kumbiri yadziko la malawi asilamu sanatengepo mbari pomenyera ufulu wadziko lino koma cathoric..ccap ..ndi ma church ena osati asilamu khalanidi chete sizikukhudzani..

  34. Were not talking about muslims and christians. We want our rights peace electricity, freedom. Lets move as malawian to take our rights. Im on

  35. I think MAM is not telling the truth we demoz everyday in Islamic nation,they have something behind their choice of not taking part but its not a religious one. After all the demo will be peacefull without them coz they are violent.

    1. Take charge they only urged fellow counter part and they never said the country shouldn’t participate and why would you talk about whats happening in ather country here we are talking about Malawi not what you know coz you only see and hear you never been there

  36. NAM must know that where Islam is in majority demos is their daily activities, just to remind them lest they forget Tunisia’s regime change was brought by demons in Egypt, Lebanon and as I’m writing this message Most Arab countries are doing demons against Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. So my question is.. should we say that Moslems of Malawi knows much better than those from middle east??

  37. Demostrating is against islamic teaching but protesting is allowed??? I hear muslim are protesting and demostrating across the arab world against trump recognising jerusalem as israel capital city!! So ours here are more islamic than the arabs??

  38. this is the biggest load of shit I’ve heard this year… your trying to tell me the so call Arab spring was what then? if Muslims won’t take to the streets for a peacefull demo then they should shut there speakers at 4am and there holidays not be recognized as they are just sheep in our country… and please no more hitting around the bush…

  39. U dont doi politics why islamic members are given positions in politics, why Bakili muluzi ruled Malawi yet ndi m silamu. End days people will be happy see other people suffering.

  40. Unfortunately they (MAM) does not hold the rights of every Muslim citizen in this country therefore it is just a useless call.
    Demonstrating does not mean hatred towards the opposite party rather it is one way of expressing attitude of dissatisfaction on how leaders are handling issues of national concern….
    To demonstrate means one has got power as a citizen to tell the Govt of what is required to be done.. .
    Demos will end only if the Govt abolishes rule of Multiparty & Democracy in this country…..

    1. It is you ! just as an individual…but I don’t think you can restrain every Muslim countrywide…… everyone has a right to..or not …

    2. @Gift…. the very same people fought for referendum in 1993;;;;and in 2003 when Muluzi was pushing for 3rd term, the very same people fought against it for this country….and even before the staged Demos on Wed…the very same people have fought and Govt has bowed to table the bill in Parliament…. so don’t despise their power… From whom do they receive the money for holding demos???
      Otherwise if Govt was not pushed for this bill then nothing could have happened …
      Let’s stop politicizing every issue of national concern ..Electral Reforms are not meant to stop DPP from winning elections….If they are still favorites they will still win even with 50+….
      But we are asking for transparency when electing leaders who are to rule the majority ..
      We tend to twist issues and that’s why these politicians always take advantage of those that are voiceless……

  41. In the middle east demos are happening day and night. What type of muslims are these? Koma akanati kuli kugawa nyama ya mbuzi onse akanakhamukira konko.

  42. Amping Sayenela Kutengapo Mbali Pa Za Ndale Koma Poti Simipingo Pobisalila Akuyenela Kutelo Ku Athufe Tidziwe Kuti Izi Sizipembezo Koma Zipani Za Ndale Asilam Awmesa Kuzindikila Pa Udindo Wawo Ophuzi Athu Za Mulungu Osati Za Dziko,CHENJEZO KWA AMALAWI ANZANGA akakakuombelani kumeneko mudziwe kuti musia ana pa umasiye pa zifukwa zopusa zoti simungapezepo phindu chifukwa nalo boma lakonzeka lili maso pa inu

    1. Unama Aise tili panseutu pa 13 tikutitu iweyo ukakhale ngati achawa azakowo
      ulibe ntchito and you can contribute nothing to our fitghing for better Malawi.

  43. MAM is supporting UDF which is DPP’s bed fellow and so can’t support the demos. That’s democracy. Let’s move on and fight against the nonsence.

  44. Leave them they are of no use, the minority number will mean nothing in these demos. Komanso ndichiyani adayamba apangapo pa Malawi pano kuti tidziwawerengera?

    1. Muluzi just benefited out of the catholic bishop’s sweat via pastoral letter! Muslims have never contributed anything as a group for political change in Malawi! Kwao is just benefiting basi

    2. A Anastanzia saadziwa chilichonse. I’ve seen your comments, they’re all whack and senseless. Are you at a certain mental hospital? #WTF

    3. Bashir, If you are alive today I think you are injoying a multiparty democracy which the majority catholic christians foght for when you and your minority grouping were snoring.

  45. Ndidzachidziwikire kuti Atupele wawawuza kuti asachite nawo ziwonetsero chifukwa zingathe kusokoneza wubale wa chipani cha UDF ndi DPP. Monga mukudziwa bwino lomwe a Malawi kuti chisilamu ndichimene chikumanga nsanamira za chipani cha UDF ndipo kuti wotsatira achipani cha UDF pafupifupi 99.999% ndi asilamu. Choncho tikhoza kunena kuti chisilamu ndi UDF yomwe ndipo UDF ndi DPP mfundo zawo ndi kuganiza kwawo pa momwe zinthu zikuyenera kuyendera mdziko muno pa nkhani za ndale ndi kumodzi. Komabe , ngati mzika za dziko la Malawi malingana ndi malamulo woyendetsera dziko lino, asilamuwa ali ndi ufulu wotenga nawo gawo pa zinthu zokhuza kayendetsedwe ka dziko lino. Munthu wina aliyense sakukakamizidwa kutenga nawo gawo.

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    1. ndipo ndikudabwatu nawo.iwowa akuti they like peace koma look ku ma islamic countries daily kuphulisana ma bomba mu ma mosques so wat kind of peace r they talking about?

  47. Do you know? Islam is not religion but it’s tradition all country where by this tradition group of Islam are fighting but there are religion wich we call Christian Islam it’s a religious there peace

    1. shame on christians??? kkkkkkk,are you dreaming? which Islam are you talking about?? omwe akuphana okha okha ku somalia’wa? omwe panopa akumatcha ku lebanon omwewa? omwe amapha anthu ku iraq omwewa in the name of ISIS? omwe akumatcha ku Palestine omwewa? omwe akuphana ku Yemen omwewa? nanga ku Syria,nanga omwe aphana ku Afghanistan 2 weeks ago omwewa,nanga boko haram? is that the peace ur talking about ? umbuli!

    2. as for you #Khoo you know nothing,Shame on you Bubby. you dont know kut Boko Haram ndi a christu.anapangidwa test ndipo anagwidwa kut si aslam they just pretending to be like Muslims kut angonyasitsa chipembezo chamzao basi.they dont know how to read Quraan,they dont even know when Prophet Muhammad was Born.they cant even write Arabic.but they know 100% bible.they dont know about Islam infact they are Christians.ISIS nd Azungu a ku America. infact you need more explanation ase.just halla me on WhatsApp I will teach u more which u dont number is +27842659958.

  48. Ndi ndani yemwe sadziwa kuti Chabulika amalandira ndalama kwa andale kuti azitsutsa zoona mu dzina la chisilamu??

  49. Awa ndi maganizo a Muslim Association of Malawi not as a Muslim individually, as for me am going to participate the demo on 13 December on number of points. Electricity problems, electoral reform bill, corruption, and many more.

  50. Awa NDE kaya kunjaku amakhalila kuphana nkhanza NDE no1 palibe chikumveka yapa boko hallamu ndi Demo chabwino nchi?????

    1. …& that’s exactly what they’re doing…exercising their democratic rights they voted for…nthawi yodulana makosi or kuponyana ku Ng’ona chifukwa chosapita kunsonkhano kapena zionetsero inadusa..they just made a well civilized call on this

  51. mwapanga bwno koz simukuziwa kt 50 + 1 ndichan nde bwez mutakayambisa ndeu… Anthu osazindkra ma rights anu ngt inu sndnakuoneni… Ine za ma bill achisankho njeeee ndkuvaira ma blackout lol….

  52. Even in 1993 we depended so much on BISHOPS for change in this country not moslems they can stay home aziswala and when we are done with demos tidzawauza azikapanga business

    1. Musayiwale formula ya DPP my 2019 is that Atupere b runningmate and Muslims r behind this so that he stands 2024



    1. Zikanakhala Kuti chipembedzo sichgwrizana ndndale bwezi akhristu sakumavota dziwani kt amene tkuvutka ndfe achipembedzo cfkwa timakhala mbali ziwiri.


    3. but look in islamic countries,,they r alwx on the roads matching so wat kind of peace r these islams of malawi talking about?


  55. Diesel ndi madzi sidzimasakanizidwa mu engine, chipembedzo chotsatila msichi za kupempela kwawo, ulemu wanu a asilamu.

  56. Did you know? Islam is not a religion. It is an organised militant group with some religious background. This grouping hates peace. It hates the progress of any nation. So no wonder on MAM position. They don’t want this nation progress. They want to see it get destroyed by these selfish politicians.

    1. muli mosemo mmene unganenenere but the decision of MAM ndiyabwino koposa inu amene mukumazitenga ngati ndinu mulungu. Chifukwa cha ziwanda zomwe zili mu chichristu ndi chifukwa chake dziko lili mmavuto. Roman catheric, CCAP, THESE ARE NOT CHURCH BUT WORLD POLITICAL CHURCHES. I THINK JEHOVAH WITNESS AND SDA NO ANY MEMBER OF THIS CHURCHES WILL ATTEND DEMO

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    3. #GiftMagawaZimba ndinu achipembedzo chanji ? Chisilamu ? Tafanizirani zimene maiko achisilamu ndi dziko lathu la Malawi tikudutsamo tione ngati zikufanana. Ku Malawi kwachitikapo nkhondo zingati poyerekeza ndi nkhondo zomwe zili kumaiko achisilamu monga Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Nigeria, ndi Sudan kungotchulapo maiko wochepa chabe. Zifwamba zaku DRC za ADF zimatchula dzina la Allah zikamapha anthu. Ndiye chisokonezo chanji chimene mukunena inuyo pa Malawi pano ? Ndiloleni ndikufunseni funso ili : Ndi chiani cha nzeru chimene chipembedzo cha chisilamu chinachitapo kuti ufulu wubwere mdziko muno kuchokera ku ulamuliro wachipani chimodzi ? Wufulu wumene mumawutchula lerololinowu adamenyera ndi a mipingo ya chi Khristu mukunyozayo monga mpingo wa Katolika, CCAP motsogozedwa ndi bungwe la PAC. Chitani manyazi mukafuna kunena zosayenera.

    4. Amene mukuti sanayakhule bwino simukudziwa mmene chisilamu chinayambikira mwina ndinu asilamu koma you never know mmene chisilamu chinayambira….apa mwiza wanena zoona ndimmene ndikudziwira ine

    5. Gift Magawa Zimba, I think you have spiritual eyes.
      Freedoms,demos and other political related issues are from Lucifer.
      If people don’t know, no God fearing people can be involved in that practices,because they’re children of Kingdom of God.

    6. Against only the protest of peace but for violence. If against why the whole world protesting now conerning the American – Isreali decision. Be careful otherwise they will take hold of your land and hijacked it. Check those countries they are and find out how well they live.. Consider your incoming generation if yuu dont defeat them now.just a contribution bye.

    7. #Steve mark nkhondo zomwe ukunenazo chifukwa cha achristu you are practicing that you are peace keeper but you are not. yes asilamu ali ndi zofooka koma chikhisithu ndi more than, kodi guys ndikudabwa nanu kwambiri kodi mumati buku loyera limati pakhale chikondi pakati panthu tikalakwilana tikambilane moopa mulungu koma ma demo ndikukambilana mwamutendere kapena it’s task ufune usafune panga izi. in this how Jesus is teaching you Christians? may be you take your own direction? Osamapwekesa zinthu

    8. islamic its not political party do reasech about religion in malawi you will find that islamic its first religion in malawi before those azunguz come in malawi david livingstone. muslims we dot just follow anything which politicain say anytime this is pure religion whos followers are not after money let those politician who calll themself pac go and do demos themself we stand to our teachings we dont do support fools by doing wrong things ours is build peace not to destroy peace those demos its act of satanas

    9. muchonse za mulungu muyike za ufulu muma church mwanumo ine sindikunyoza koma zamulungu zimadana ndi zachikunja it’s 100% parallel Mipingo ya mulungu yimaoneka ndi ntchito zake asiyileni a ndale azikamenyana azipanga ma demo ife tikulipempherera dziko. #STEVE I WISH YOU SHOULD OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE THAT WE ARE UNDER CHRISTIANITY RULES AT THE HOLLY WORLD BUT NOTHING BRINGS PEACE AT ALL, TIKUNGOKHALIRA UFULU UFULU KOMA UFULU WAKEWO SHAME

    10. boko haram, ISIS, Archaida etc onsewo ndmagulu achifwamba achisilamu so ngat mwakwiya nazo come and beat me am in my house

    11. #GiftMagawaZimba, ndikumva nanu chisoni kwambiri kuwona kuti mukuwonetsera wumbuli wanu ngakhale pa nkhani zachipembedzo zimene. Kodi siwuja asilamu onse agwirizana kuchita zionetsero powonetsera mkwiyo wawo pazomwe Donald Trump president wadziko la America walengeza kuti mzinda wa Jerusalem ndi likulu la dziko la Isilayele ? Ndiye mukufuna kundiwuza kuti kumeneko chisilamu chikuwalota kutenga nawo gawo paziwonetserozo ?

    12. You are one ignorant person, I hope you lose your over this, and yes you can lose your job sir. Which religion do you think is responsible for millions of innocent deaths? Islam does not even come close buddy.

    13. #stevemark, its totaly deferent what ujust said here between malawi and israel palistine those people there fight for land which israel claim its their capital which is wrong in reality jerusalem its palistinian land

    14. STEVE tatiyeni tisamaphatikize Zandile ndi zipembezo zilikupaliament akuti nkhani yamasankhidwe amtsogoleri osati chipembedzo tsopano mukukamba zaku Palestine zija zamalo aliyense amadziwa kuti Jerusalem ndimbali yakuma Palestine osamasokoneza zinthuzi

    15. You might see from the acts of America that is the country that insight hatred among nations for there needs which benefits there country,if you say of demos and Islam thats different,only individuals held that press briefing not the majority of muslems and you are now mixing up the whole story why ?

    16. #Munthali…asilamufe sizitsiru kuti timangotengeka Ndi zopusa zomwe udziwe lero…an2 anamwalira 20 aja padzionetsero last time ija ponena okonza zionetsero amati “it will be peaceful “zinatha bwanji after ?sitikufuna kudzakhara nawo mgulu lodzuzuridwa kutsogoloku pa nkhani zandale ngati izi…nkhani iyi Ndi yandale & iribe ubwino uriwonse kwa mMalawi wamba wovota..enanu ndi mipingo inayi tikudziwa muli Ndi zolinga zeni-zeni pansi pamitima yanu koma mukufuna kumema an2 zikabebe mudzina la bill iyi…mipingo inayi we know Ndi zipani zandale zomwe zimabisara mmipingo koma asari iyo…PAC ngati imatumikiradi an2 bwanji osakhara pansi Ndi kukambirana Ndi boma pankhaniyi ndikuonetsana zaubwino Ndi kuipa kwa nkhaniyi than kuthamangira kuNsewu ?wandikwiyisa zedi kape iwe…

    17. Moreover ndi ufulu wathu (wa aliyense) kupita ku nsewu or osapita. Koma what i know is boma limene tili nalo kuno kwathu silimva zimene anthu akufuna. Akumipando amadzimva kwambiri. Dziko likuwonongeka tikuwona ili. Why not going ku nsewu to tell them kuti we need atsogoleri akumva zofuna za a Malawi.
      Enanu muli ndwiiii ngati simukuwona zonsezi. Cashgate, imfa za anthu zosafufuzidwa ndi zina zambiri. And without or with adzipembedzo, chimene tikuyenera kudziwa ndichoti dziko likuwonongeka. Ngati mMalawi wanzeru akuyenera kuwonetsa poyera zonyasazi.
      Zomvetsa chisoni mtsogoleri wadziko kumawuza anthu, amvekere “palibe angamuwopyeze”. Pali nzeru? Dzuka Malawi Dzuka mosatengeraso chipembedzo.

    18. Kkkk read the Bible, then u shall knw the owner of the land…,& uzaziwaso kut amabweresa chisokoneza pamalo ndi ndan…..osamabakira zopeoera,wats connection btn the demos & break of peace here????

    19. Pleaze don’t jeer Muslims you to u understand what mam is saying. It is warning Muslim not to parcipate in affairs that are antagonistic to know Islam means peace and works for peace always!!!!

  57. Palestinians are demonstrating against America’s decision of recognising Jerusalem as Israel capital. Are they not muslims. Wakudyetsani sikono babe eti. Khalani more over mulipo ochepa which will have no impact .

  58. Mwaitha akuluakulu athu chipembezo ndi ndale zizisiyana enawa anazolowera sasiyanisa mmalo molimbikisa umodzi akungotengeka kuchemelera zinthu zokomela munthu mmodz aaaaa well done MAM,sitimadya ndale ife mtendele wamumtima uposa zonse ,zinaz ndizotsala

    1. Choka apa nawenso ukuganiza zingasinthe chani zimenezo kupatula kuwasangalatsa andale basi ngati sukugwira ntchito bas usaone ngati pali chimene chingakuainthile,umoyo wodalirawo ayi

    2. zasintha kanthu si namachende wanuyu wavomeleza ma bill osintha ndondomeko ya masankho you cant see with your shabulika shame on you with Mia nganganga!

    1. Catholic Ndicholombo Chapa Chivumbulutso 13 Asi Opembeza Chilombo Akamatche Koma Akhristu Enieni Amadziwakuti Dziko Lapansi Sikwawo Choncho Alibe Nthawi


  60. ine ndi mkhiristu ma demo alibe phindu takhala ndi ma demo angati mdxiko muno mumgandiuzeko kuti chinalipo chosintha chimene timapangila ma demo .sintha constitution yathu mphamvu zikhale ndi anthu osati mutsogoleli that’s why akuwononga zinthu

    1. Ndiye mudzatini kuti mpavu zikhale kuwanthu !!! Mwaizo ndi ngati iz madem….man osamakhal otsalira maganizidwe pliz workup,,,,OK!!

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