It’s a replay: Nomads appeal turned down by Sulom


…JK suspended, Kamzere warned

…teams fined

The match which was never played will have to be replayed, thus according to the latest verdict from the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) appeals committee regarding Be Forward Wanderers and Mzuni FC match which was boycotted by the Green Intellectuals on 4th November, 2017 at Balaka Stadium.

The appeals committee converged on 27-28th November in Lilongwe for a fresh hearing following Wanderers’ appeal against the earlier decision by Sulom to have the game replayed. The Nomads wanted Sulom to award them all the three points by claiming that it was Mzuni who caused the boycott as they never showed up for the game.

Mzuni and Wanderers will have to replay.

However, the appeals committee maintained Sulom’s earlier decision to have the game replayed based on the evidence gathered from medical reports and reports from referee Mayamiko Kanjere, Alfred Chasowa who was the match assessor, Sulom representative Sam Mangasanja, match coordinator Aggrey Khonje,  Supt. F. D. Chambo of the Police, and Yasin Limu.

The committee also analysed email communication between teams and Sulom as well as Stewards match reports and Wanderers and Mzuni FC reports.

According to the verdict, both teams arrived at the stadium at almost the same time but it was the home team that got out of their bus before the visitors.

Wanderers fined K1 million

Moments later, some officials from Mzuni FC namely Agnes Mzumara, Maloto Chaula, Chawanangwa Manda, Walusungu Winga, McNebert Kazuwa and Alex Ngwira were prevented from accessing the stadium by the two home supporters and were physically and verbally abused in full view of Wanderers officials and the victims were treated as outpatients at Balaka Stadium.

The report further indicates that after the incident, the visitors left the facility without even noticing Sulom officials and match officials.

According to the report, the home team was charged on two counts.

“The first count was that Be Forward Wanderers FC failed to control the actions of its supporters contrary to article 21(2) of the SULOM Rules and Regulations. The second count was through the failure to control the actions of its supporters.

“Be Forward Wanderers FC brought the game of football into disrepute. Mr. Vales Kamzere and Mr. Joseph Kamwendo were jointly charged with inciting hatred and violence contrary to article 53 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, whereas certain named persons, a Mr. Trouble and a Mr. Njanji were jointly charged with involvement in a brawl contrary to article 50 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code,” reads part of the statement.

Following the appeals committee findings, Sulom has ordered for a replay of the match which will be played at Civo Stadium on 10th December 2017.

“The abandoned match between Wanderers and Mzuni on 4th November 2017 be replayed at Civo Stadium in the Central Region on 10th December 2017. Stakeholders are urged to ensure that security is maximized,” reads the statement.

Sulom has also slapped Kamwendo with a one match ban, with Kamzere being seriously warned to refrain from such conduct in future while Trouble M. Kumsowa and Njanji have been banned from watching any TNM Super League match for the rest of the season.

Sulom has also fined Wanderers K1 million while Mzuni FC have been fined K700,000.

Wanderers was represented by Kamzere, Steve Madeira, Counsel George Naphambo, Mike Butao and Chulu Mkangama while Mzuni FC was represented by McNerbert Kazuwa, Maloto Chaura, Counsel Burton Chimango Phiri, Gerald Makokola, Ackson Matamani and Vascoh Cosmas.



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