Neglecting electoral reforms will trigger voter apathy – Malawians


Malawians have warned that they will shun 2019 tripartite elections if electoral laws will not be amended to allow the use of 50+1 percent system in the elections.

Malawi24 conducted a snap survey in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe where residents said it is meaningless to go and vote then see one declared a winner with less than 50 per cent of votes.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, one resident Margret Banda said the electoral reforms bills should be a priority if the country is to really embrace true democracy.

“How could you expect one to lead the country when the majority haven’t voted for him or her. No one can claim to be loved by voters by less than half of the voters. All stakeholders should discuss amicably and approve the electoral reforms ahead of 2019 tripartite elections.

“See how our fellow African country, Liberia did recently. The presidential candidates failed to reach half of votes and the elections are slated to be re-run until one manages to have 50+1 votes,” she said.

She stressed that it is good to shun the 2019 elections if the electoral reforms will not be accepted than voting and then having a president who will not be liked by many Malawians.

Another Lilongwe resident, Maxwell Kalinga also said if the August house won’t discuss the electoral reforms bills, they must expect low turnout of voters in 2019.

Kalinga told Malawi24 that if the reforms won’t be allowed it will mean that the government doesn’t take into consideration needs of Malawians.

“We need the reforms to be sure that we have a president who will be voted by many people. You can’t be called a president with 40 percent votes leaving out 60 percent. This is unjustifiable and we will not vote if the authorities will be adamant to their wishes,” Kalinga told Malawi24.

Recently, Public Affairs Committee (PAC) threatened to stage peaceful demonstrations if the electoral reforms bills won’t be discussed before 29th November, 2017.




  1. first question..are we financially capable of having an election to re run an election? am asking because of the way the 2014 elections were like after 5 years of preparation. Secondly, Sometimes We as Malawians have a dificulty in understanding things, will a Villager understand 50+1, ngati ena zimakanika kumvetsa unzika omwe. To say the truth Malawi leaders are chosen by people in the villages, inu a mmatauni you are just good at criticisizing and you dont go and vote. a question for you..kodi mungakhale 4 hours muli pa nzere waiting to cast your vote, kapena mukhoza kupita kosaka la mchere?

  2. za ziii izi.nthawiso yatha.musawononge ndalama.bill yanuyo idzayambe 2024.kuti muwonetsetse amene mayiko akugwilitsa njilayi muli nkhondo.

  3. Changing laws with a target in mind is counterproductive! I have read comments, showing many readers have DPP in mind. I beg them to sit down and think with a sober mind. Digging a pit for themselves. There is no way, no way 50+1, or 50+x may change the results. Where did that happen in the history of democracy? A winner will remain winner. Umilirira mtunda wopanda Madzi.

  4. These PAC guys just want to use Malawians to achieve their own interests. Malawians are now clever these days you can’t fool them. You make your noise when you finish, you will let us know.

  5. Zinazi ndikupusa chabe amend munapita kusukulunu mumafuna kumapusitsa anthu have you civic educate us Malawians about this? Osamangoti amalawi mukufuna kumaika mamulo opusa if this country is failing to give us electricity 24hrs are we going to manange kuponya mavote kawiri? Chitsanzo the chisankho chapadera chija olembetsa anali ambiri koma okaponya ali ochepa ndiye the 50+1 wanuyo will it not coz mavuto muno?

    1. Elections R Owez Funded By Donaz, The Very Same Donaz Promised 2 Fund 5o+1 So Dont Wory About Dat, On Civic Edu, Yes It Started Some Time Back I Witnessed A Public Lecture At Chanco, So U Wil B Civic Edu Soon. If Dpp Is Refusing Dis Just Know Dat They R Afraid Of It, They Know Its Implications.

  6. Am civilised human being i cant go for voting and standing the whole day on the sun voting for this silly old school system never with this current system ine ngwa mboni za yehova

    1. Akatole moti amalawi simuwadziwa mukangova Congress nkhawa biiii mpaka mmimba kutsekula chifukwa choopa kukudzudzulidwa kuba ndalama zaboma

  7. Most Malawians are pathetic lots! Is it ignorance or deliberate reaction to the bill? Or is it those Malawians who want DPP just to remain in power for their gain or something? Hmm be practical please, do u accept a person winning 36% of national vote to be president? A person rejected by 64% ruling the country? Ndale zoti wakumangwetu/ wakwathu/ wakwithu zikuphesa dziko…think of our children’s children…

    1. It is like the nation will accept one person with good standards to steer the country into prosperity and reject the other person with poor standards to mess up the country like Peter who drives the nation blindly into a ditch on 36%!! A rejected stuff at 64% dead wood!

    2. We are talking of tomorrow man, of 50 + 1 vote. What you are referring to is an example of bad voting system. It is not a matter of Chakwera you poor soul. It is a Malawian of good quality that we want. And Peter is mentioned here because he is the one poorly elected, not some one else. I for one, never mentioned Chakwera here, poor and dull judgement! If Chakwera got less than 36%, how can he be a president? Man, this is what we are talking about, that anything less than 50+1 vote is Stupidity of highest degree. Understand issues please. Did someone say why Chakwera didn’t become a president? Eeeeish am dealing with Kadeti + here! Sorry man.

    3. Even if one is voted into power with a 50+1 system its not a surety that he won’t steal our taxes , be reasonable OK don’t just follow. We don’t have enough resources to conduct elections twice within a short period. We striving to make both ends meet

    4. Robins Jonh Banda how many parties do we have in our country cuz mukamba ngati tili ndi zipani ziwili bwanji vuto ndi kuchuluka kwa zipan baba thts the reason y president sangawine ndi 50+ 1

    5. Those preaching 50+1 knows full well that Malawi cant manage to do so and its a planned move by mcp to boycot elections because they know that great and shameful loss awaits them

    6. Mphenzi Ambani Mponda. Two ways to rich 50+1. First, if no party has managed to rich 50+1 in a general election then only the best two are allowed to contest, this is what many are afraid of because they think it’s expensive. Second, if we had 10 parties contesting and all have failed to get the required % the best two are singled out to compete. This time by not asking voters to revote rather the losing parties are forced to choose between the two parties . So if number 3 chooses number one, votes that number 3 got are given to number one. That is done with all the parties which participited untill 50+1 is achieved. Note, we can also use an electoral college.

    7. waoh! how loudly would you cry if you were in USA where even Hillary who won the popular vote is out side whitehouse. I know you would go lyk BIG MAYOOOOOO! PWIIIII!

    8. Ooooo! I See! kani zinthuzi nzongomvera mmawailesi eti? Nanga ku USA mukunenako paja kuli zipani zingati?Ndipo akamati electoral college tanthauzo lake mukulidziwa?Ngakhale kupanda manyaziko can you liken Malawi to USA?Akulu,muzifunsa Kaye anthu kuti azikufotokozerani zinthuzi.

    9. A Cypher Cfar Ma then zikusiana pat ndi kungotengela amene wapambana pamenepopo cuz ngti sipakhalaso general elections nd ndikuti zisankhe zipani zoluza ndie kut simunatengele zofuna za anthu koma za zipan nd mostly definately zipan zotsutsa sizingavotele chipan cholamula inu simukuona kut padzakhala conflict of intrest pamenepo boss

    10. I guest all those who oppose 50+1 vote are DPP, but please understand this very well. Don’t says it is expensive? Donors have backed up the bill and they are the ones funding all elections. Surprisingly, you call it expensive as if you put any Tambala in it! Mantha kuluza zisankho chifukwa cha 36% munthu kukhala president. Ayi why I’d DPP afraid

  8. what’s the importance of 50+1? Anyone who is ahead is a winner, whether with 10% votes or less. We shouldn’t waste time with things which can not help the nation.

    1. You can say anything it’s your freedom of expression but just know that even that bill passes, you will remain like that, odyelera ndi ena

    2. It depends on the type of noise the tin is giving out. Making noise on important issues, backed with facts does not make the tin empty. I would rather go for a tin that makes relevant noise whether it is empty or not.

    3. 50+1 is a true reflection of democracy. The only way we can be sure that the president has been voted by the majority. I second that.

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