Nya-Uyu steals social media with comedy

Comic video clips of one Nya-Uyu are trending on social media much to the amusement of her targets across Malawi.

The Lilongwe based lady has gathered momentum to establish herself as a top comic figure in the country. She has charmed comedy enthusiasts, that they are hungry for more.

Nya-Uyu’s Comic video clips trending on social media.

Nya-Uyu whose real name is Felistus Ngwira told Malawi24 yesterday that she is now taking comedy seriously.

“I have been taking this lightly but now am here to stay and am in the industry on a serious basis,” said Nya-Uyu

The video clips currently in circulation across social media platforms are in Tumbuka language. This, she said, is one way of showing pride for her tribe. However, she promises to add English and Chichewa to her impending products.

“From now I will be blending Tumbuka, Chewa and English languages, so that more people should enjoy my madness,” she said laughingly.

In one of her visual clips which was self-filmed in the capital Lilongwe, she plays a country lady from Mzuzu who has never been to a major city. In Tumbuka language she expresses excitement upon seeing cars and police officers.

Irrespective of the fact that her work is produced with the aid of a phone, feedback from the receiving end is overwhelming. Others describe her as Malawi’s version of Ugandan Annie Kansiime.

Being a country where less comedians are exposed, Ngwira targets making it big with limited resources.




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