Four die in Dedza accident


Four students have died after their bus fell off a bridge and plunged into a river at Mtakataka in Dedza this afternoon.

The scene of the accident

Police in Dedza have confirmed the death of two males and two females who were involved in an accident at Mtakataka in the district.

Fourteen other people suffered serious injuries during the bus crash.

The deceased are Winnie Yolodani, Osward Chimangeni, Moses Mzumara and Aggie Kanyemba.

The Coaster was carrying Mzuzu University and Mzuzu Technical College students who were coming from Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) in Thyolo where they went to play quarterfinals of the National Bank College Basketball Tournament.

Dedza police station public relations officer sub-inspector Edward Kabango said the  vehicle registration number BS 8599 plunged into Nadzipulu River at Nadzipulu Bridge along the Balaka-Salima M5 road.

According to Kabango, the driver of the vehicle identified as Stephano Kanowa aged 39 failed to control the vehicle due to speeding.

“The vehicle swerved to the right lane of the road where it hit metal bars of the bridge, overturned and landed into the river,” said Kabango.

He said the driver and other 21 passengers sustained minor injuries while 14 others sustained serious injuries.

According to Kabango, 27 of the injured are receiving treatment at Mua Hospital  while others were taken to Dedza District Hospital.

He however said “at the meantime the police are not aware whether the deceased are students or officials.”



  1. Zosakhala bwino mizimu yawo iwuse mumtendere, and quick recovery to those who are injured

  2. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN!! Therefore its not good ‘ pointing a finger to someone when this happened!!
    Sorry to the deceased families!!
    May their souls rest in peace.

  3. u knw this country z on fire,satanists are geting blood of pple 4 their enjoyment thnking that they doing the ryt thing,bliv me en bliv the tyme z vry soon when he the devil en his egents wl be destroyed mayb akuiwala za tsik lawoli

    my solution z think the govement should rise up by organising the country’s prayer en fasting,luk thez pple,thea relatives wea luking upon them as their help bt they r no more,in the same the government z luzng citizen that would hav improv our country bt thingz r just flowing negatively, God wipe the tears of mother MALAWI by puting DOWN the powers of the darknes,RIP

  4. The Problem Isnt A Driver,its The Problem Of The Students Ndichisangalalo That Awina Mpira They Were Telling The Driver To Increase The Speed Instead Bus Inamenya Chitsulo Cha Bridge Kenako Tyre Inabooka Then Kugudubuka

  5. MTSRIP. amozy will never forget you untill we meet again mudatipatsadi byeee wazoona dzulo mmawa sitimadziwa kut zithera apa. but u said see u next semester

  6. MTSRIP. amozy will never forget you untill we meet again mudatipatsadi byeee wazoona dzulo mmawa sitimadziwa kut zithere apa

  7. Driving license doesn’t matter but experience is every l important when you know that I am on the road. And. Guy don’t forget our roads are very small,

  8. November december kumakhala kukabweza pangano lawo ku satanic kwawoko ndizimenezo kupangisa ngozi ndekudya kwawo ai mulungu samagona ndipo muzalangidwa hvy nonse mukuntchela mantchela anuwa R.I.P sorry anafedwa nonse

  9. Please malawians rise up and take action.I dont understand how our drivers get their licenceses.It shows when they are on the wheels ,they forget that they are carrying people.

  10. We need qualified drivers who can competently drive students or in short, PSV competent drivers.
    Some of these accidents are amazing to see.

    1. If We Question The Lord Much We May Not Get The Answers, May Even Go Astray, But He Is In Control, b4 They Were Born, He Knew This Already! Lets Jst praise His Name In Everything.

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