Man steals 3-year-old child


A 35-year-old man in Mchinji is in police custody for stealing a three-year-old girl.

Mchinji police spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino told Malawi24 that on November 8 this year, the child Rose Gositino together with her fellow friends went to a video show.

LilongweAccording to Lubrino, whilst there at around 7pm, the victim went out of the showroom to answer the call of nature.

“This was also the time that Moffat Osward (35) who works as a tenant at Kalumbu farm took advantage of her aloneness and kidnapped her to his home,” Lubrino told Malawi24.

When the mother of the victim noticed that her daughter was not getting back home, she together with the police and fellow village members organized a search party to look for the missing child.

Four days later, fellow tenants who work with the suspect at Kalumbu farm were surprised by uncontrollable crying of a child whom the wife of Moffat was spotted carrying.

Upon being asked, she claimed that the girl was her stepdaughter who will be living with the family.

This forced the co-workers to report the matter to Kazyozyo Police unit where the issue was promptly followed up and the victim was identified.

On November 12 Moffat who cheated his wife to adopt the baby claiming that she was her daughter from another woman was arrested for stealing the child.

Moffat Osward who comes from Chalemera village in the area of Traditional Authority Dzoole in Dowa will appear before court soon to answer the charge of child stealing.



  1. Let me ask if the family has their own kids….if not the man is a thief which needs stiffer punishment…mwina alibe mphamvu babawa

  2. while the guy deserves stiffer punishment, the mother and father of the girl deserve punishment too. you cant leave a 3 year old child to go to video show at 7pm. in fact the parents are fools

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