91% MSCE pass rate among inmates excites Malawi Prison


The Malawi Prison Services has expressed joy with the high pass rate among inmates who sat for 2017 Malawi School Certificate Examinations.

Public Relations Officer for Prison Smart Maliro said this year’s MSCE pass rate is 91 percent which he said is higher than last year’s pass rate.


Malawi Prison Services happy with high pass rate among inmates.

Maliro said the education the inmates have acquired will help them become independent in future.

The publicist added that the results also showed that the inmates have interest in education regardless of their status, something which is good.

He explained that this improvement has come after the prison service introduced strategies to make sure that the inmates have resources in the area of education.

The publicist went on to say that there are many inmates who have talents in several things but they need education to expose the talents.

Maliro therefore commended well-wishers including different churches and other stakeholders for supporting prisons with resources such as learning and teaching materials.

The publicist asked the general to continue supporting the Malawi Prison Service with their resources in time of their need.



  1. Good development and very interresting, some of theso inmates who have make it but their are not qualified to apply for unima you must give them a chance to go to these community colleges to learn some technical skills like carpentry and joinary, brick lying etc!

  2. They should introduce degrees as well so that some of us may outwit the quota system through the program. 91% ndi deal kukalembera mayeso kundende. Case of “The prison monger in my mind.”

  3. Aaaaa!!!!!mwayamba za ulesi eti? mmalo molimbikira kugwira ntchito yakalavula Deya (gaga)ntchito yomwe tinakulembani kuti mudzigwira kumeneko mu kulimbana nfi za ziii ngati zimenezo mukungoyha ngaiwa kumeneko eti? musinthe mudzigwira ntchito yomwe tinatsainirana za ulesi zichepe

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  5. In my view this proves that confinement is one of the best principles in a bid to attaon results. But with all these human rights fully borrewed from the western systems it is hard to think of having such rate in the free world malawian school goers of today

  6. That’s great but were are they going to work because someone with criminal record doesn’t get a job from government. These people if they are sidelined they end up committing crime again because they can’t get income

  7. That’s impressing indid!However,i’ve learnt wth total dismay to establish dat some institutions are sidelining the inmates’ certificates.I’ve a vivid example of a certain CHAM Nursing college that denied a former inmate access to study Nursing jst coz of holding MSCE obtained while behind bars!!

  8. Mbava inu mwachita bwino kukhoza,,,ndiye verani inuyo ndinu mbava zomwe zidasowetsa mtendere mtundu wa anthu usiku ndi usana ,,pano mwakhoza jiya mukatero akukhululukireni mupitirize school,,, mudzagwira ntchito boma monga nduna zosiyasiyana kuphatikizapo kuona za chuma mdziko lino,,,,ndiye agalu inu mundiyankhe fuso iri ,,,Kodi umbavawo mudzasiya ma undindo amenewa mukazapasidwa????Agalu inu muzapitiriza Cash gate yatiphayi??? Apo nonse mwakhoza bwino tikuduleni makosi basi kkkk Mundiyankhe

  9. Nkhani ya bwino pova kut amene aliku prison akhoza MSCE,zikhoza kukhara zomveka, nanga mmene adabera chimanga chaponda uja atati amumanga angalephere mayeso kukhoza í ½í±�í ½í±�í ½í±�í ½í±�í ½í±�

  10. level ya boo kudya kamodzi patsiku koma jiyah kukhoza bhoo….wina amamwa tea every morning, food sinkhani ku xool kukachita kumusiya + kumutenga pa galimoto come exams kupha Zero wamakutu

  11. that’s greating ,me I have very happy to listen that prisonment passed away the testament of MANEB..but our children person out here are not passed away.. me I am thank you,.

  12. That’s great!!! All intelligent hated corrupt free people are prisoners in Malawi out of greed and jealousy.. Recruit them into our military and see the positive impact.. Wise up guys..

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