Police seek dead man’s relatives


Police in Dowa are looking for relatives of a 72-year-old man who died at Dowa turnoff bus depot in the district on Saturday.

Malawi24 caught up with Dowa police spokesperson Richard Kaponda who said a Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) identity card the man had on him when he died showed that he was answering to the name of Sports Charles.

BlantyreAccording to Kaponda, minibus touts at Dowa turnoff depot told police that they saw a minibus which they did not identify dropping the man who was having difficulties in breathing by the time he was dropped.

“And he could not speak because he was suspected to be sick. The police were informed about the matter and took him to Dowa District Hospital,” Kaponda said.

Upon being examined it was revealed that the man was already dead. Postmortem conducted at

Dowa District Hospital indicated that death was due to dehydration and abnormally low blood sugar.

The dead body is at Dowa District Hospital Mortuary pending identification.
Meanwhile, Police in Dowa are appealing to members of the general public especially those near

Dowa turnoff whose relative is missing to report at Dowa Police Station or they should go to Dowa District Hospital Mortuary.


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