Police officers warned against demanding bail fee


Malawi Police Service says it will not tolerate any police officer found demanding money from suspects in the name of bail which is for free.

Central Region Commissioner of Police John Nyondo made the remarks in Mchinji during a station executive committee meeting aimed at developing ideas on how security can be enhanced in the district.

Peter Mutharika

Police officers warned against demanding bail fee.(File)

Nyondo said the police service wants to get rid of people’s mentality that police officers are corrupt.

He explained that to make the move effective some of the corrupt officers have been arrested while others have been fired from the service as a warning to others who have the same habit.

The commissioner then commended the police service in the district for reducing crime to 15% from the month of May to October.

He therefore encouraged them to keep on tightening security in the district.

He however warned chiefs in the district to avoid wrangles among themselves since police waste their time with such cases instead of other duties.

Police officers, traditional leaders, chiefs, village headmen gathered together with other stakeholders at the meeting.



  1. bwanji mutayikapo # yanu kt tkamafunsidwa ndalama pa bail tzkuymblan ? kama mwangopeleka warn why ?nanga kd mudzaziwa bwanji anthu akukamizdwa ndalama?

  2. Tsopano mukati yaulere adakuuzani ndindani kut cholemberacho chimakhala cholandira pa station po?akunenayo ndimunthu okuti adadya adatopa nazo pano samangaso ayi kufuna kut Constable asamwe Green et?kodi mumasangalala mukamawona apolice anu akumwa kachasu et?kkkkk kulibe bail yawulere mangodwa ndipo uzapeza yakho lake

  3. Ngakhale Wina Atapita Kukadandaula Ku Police Kuti Auje Sanandipange Kalibu Nsima, Akhoza Kukamugwira Omanayo..! Kuti Amutaye Amuuza Apeleke 20 Pin Ya Belo. Anazolowera Ziphuphu Awa Akulemerera Momwemo!!

  4. Well most people know that bail is free but wen you get arrested and u spend a day or two inside sell whether your guilty or not the fist thing that comes in your mind is to go home to your family and get it over with you don’t worry about the cost you worry about spending another hour in that shit hole.you can demand that when your free but not when your in their hands they are bosses at that time.I think it can only work if we educate them and pay them well to minimise corruption among them

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  6. Komano the government pay them less money and what do they expect? Corruption…. Even suspects are treated badly and abused and at the end of the day they pay just to get out of the pithole… Alot must be considered

  7. Its Impossible Only The Rich Deserves Bail! Prisons In Mw Are For The Poor People! All Chapondas Are Free! But Why Malawi? The Poor Will Remain Poorer, The Rich Will Be Richer!

  8. That’s a welcome development! Though there is no provision whc surport that, sec 118 and 119 of the criminal procedure and evidence code never mention any word like FREE, but the word fixed sum of money was written! so our Laws need to b amended!

  9. Hahahahahahahahaha even in the Bible anachita kulemba trust me Mathew 5 vs 25 tisamanamizane nditokha timayambitsa tikafuna m’bale wathu kuti atuluke mwachangu timapisamo tokha mthumba osakuwuza.

  10. has anyone received his bail or part of his bail money back after accomplishing his Court proceedings??? kkkkk eish

  11. Inu Mwasowa Nkhani Eti,anthu Ngati Achaponda Bail Ndiyaulele Koma Womuganizira Kuti Wakuba Nkhuku Amalipira 10 Pin,akunama Komanso Uku Ndikutitukwana Ambuye Akuwona Ayankha.

  12. Inu Mwasowa Nkhani Eti,anthu Ngati Achaponda Bail Ndiyaulele Koma Womuganizira Kuti Wakuba Nkhuku Amalipira 10 Pin,akunama Komanso Uku Ndikutitukwana Ambuye Akuwona Ayankha.

  13. Ok tamva! Koma tkudziwa is for free kwa awo ofufuma mimbawo, mchuno amamangila neck-tie, anamageya anyezi {chapondalism}.

    Nanga ife opanda mainafe mmmmmm ……. 4 freeee???

  14. Cheni cheni akufuna kunena apa mchiyani??,ndindani osauka anatulusidwa pa bail osapeleka ndalama??,zibwana eti kusowa zoyankhula??,palibe lamulo lomwe mumalisatadi pa usauka,kapena mumatitenga ngati ife ndiye mapeto ake oti muzitipatsa zilango chifukwa tilibe maina.Zopusazo tsiku lina muzasiya kuyankhula chifukwa cha amphawi.Mwafatsa pazikopa,mukuona ngati Chauta analakwitsa ena kukhala osauka kapena kukhala opanda maina oziwika.

  15. The bail must be only issued in court. Bail and fine are two different things. They must be specific because its only court can decide if you qualify for bail out or not. For example if the investigations are still in process it mighty jeopardise the process. So don’t just say in general bail is for free. State the reason. That’s why ID is needed so that when they release you on bail they can write down you particulars and see if you are not a flight risk.

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  17. We the poor ppo we a the ones suffering from this malpractice something must be done quickly before it is too late for this law brakers

  18. palibe ku Malawi amatuluka free bail, they charge us plenty money like it’s a business for them, even us as a poor people beg for a mercy they turn they faces out of us , now u saying bail is for free, okay lemme say yes is for free by words…….

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