Donors condemn bloodsucking rumours

Blood sucker Malawi

Donors have condemned reports of bloodsucking saying they are derailing implementation of projects.

Norwegian Church Aid Alliance country director Stein Villumstad made the remarks on Wednesday in Lilongwe during the opening ceremony of Act Alliance dissemination and Best Practices Conference.

Atupele Muluzi
Atupele: Govt is working hard to make Malawi a better place to stay.

Villumstad said the issue of bloodsucking has become a major challenge towards implementation of their projects.

He added that the organisation stopped its juniors from travelling to the Southern Region due to the claims of bloodsucking which he described as a ‘myth’.

He said they appreciate government’s efforts aimed at dealing with the issue and asked it to use more effort as one way of tightening security in the country.

Similar concerns were also shared by other donors at the conference.

Speaking on the project, Villumstad said the N’zatonse project has been implemented with the aim of reducing challenges such as deaths of pregnant mothers, early pregnancies and early marriages among the youths.

On his part, Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi who was also guest of honour at the event thanked and admired efforts that different organisations are putting in place to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights which is helping to reduce problems like deaths among young mothers and early marriages in the country.

Muluzi said projects like N’zatonse have brought together people such as traditional leaders and church leaders to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights among the youths.

In his response on the bloodsuckers issue, Muluzi said government is working hard and will continue to work hard to make Malawi a better place to stay.

One of the religious leaders at the event Reverend Francis Mkandawire said N’zatonse Project has given them the tools to guide and help people of different ages on issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights .

The conference which brought together different organisations and traditional leaders as well as youths was conducted under the theme ‘breaking the silence, faith communities taking action on sexual and reproductive health and rights among the youths’.

N’zatonse project is a 4 year project which begun in 2013. It has been implemented in parts of the country and has been financed by KFW.



  1. And if they go we gonna be in deep shit more than we are right now and this thing is degrading us from our fellow Africans and the whole world at large

  2. Which donor can work in a condition where its workers are harrased and vigilantism is the order of the day? We need to be ashamed of our mass supersticious, mass hallucinations and hysteria!Donors are sensitive they will pack their projects and go, Its us we need them than much they need us! Anamapopa issue will derail implementation of most projects in our Country.

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