Bloodsucker scare lands woman in custody


Police in Mangochi on Friday arrested a 43 year old woman for spreading false rumors that students at St Augustine 2 Full Primary School in the district had been locked in their classrooms to be sucked by blood suckers.

According to the institution’s Headteacher, the woman Beatrice Chileka rushed to the school with an aim of rescuing her Standard 7 daughter afte hearing that there were blood suckers at the school.
But she realised that the rumours were false since she found the students including her daughter learning in their classes.

Instead of accepting the fact that the rumours were false, the woman decided to take her daughter home whilst spreading false rumours saying the learners should run for their lives since the blood suckers are at the school premises ready to suck blood .

Believing what the woman was saying, the students at the institution went on rampage to the extent of pelting stones on the headteacher’s house before marching in the streets singing songs that they will not tolerate to be sucked blood.

The matter was reported to police who arrested the woman.
Chisale is going to appear before court to answer a case of conduct likely to cause a breach of peace contrary to section 181 of penal code.

Meanwhile police in the district have warned the general public that they will arrest any person who gives false information that may bring fear to the community or propel the community to take the law into their own hands.

Beatrice Chisale hails from Village Mbaluku, Traditional Authority Chowe in Mangochi district.



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