Soul Savers Church organises crusade in Lower Shire

Pastor Steve Wingolo

After successfully hosting a number of crusades in the central region, Soul Savers Church has organized a crusade in two districts affected by blood sucking reports and violence.

The crusade is targeting Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts where people are expected to get relieved on a lot of Satan imposed burdens.

Pastor Steve Wingolo
Pastor Steve Wingolo : We are inviting everyone.

On 19th October, the prayers were held at awonenji hall at Ngabu in Chikwawa district while on 20th October the crusade will take place at Nsanje boma under the theme ‘Kusintha Nyengo 2017’.

Founder and overseer of the Church, Pastor Steve Wingolo said the crusade in Nsanje will start at 6pm and it will be a night full of anointing and the power of the Holy Ghost will manifest for the glory of God.

He said people should expect more great wonders during the night saying it will be characterized by deliverances and healings.

“We expect God to perform great miracle and wonders in the Lower Shire, the lame will walk, the blind will see, people will recover everything that was stolen by the devil and his agents, people will find job and peace in marriages will be restored,” he said.

Wingolo, whose church in Lilongwe registers thousands of visitors from within and outside Lilongwe added that it is time now for children of God to get back what Satan took away from them.

He added that people from Northern Region should also expect great things as preparations are underway to host special prayers.

Founded in 2014, Soul Savers Church has over three thousand followers that worship at its branches in Lilongwe, Mchinji and Mponela.

During the night, music will be provided by the Soul savers praise team and soul savers women’s choir.



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  2. But i thought in Malawi we do have people who do call themselves people of GOD,,, kodi sakuona kuti anthu akufunika ma prayers. Kodi ndi a Soul Savers okha amene angakawapephelele, our prophets, you are bursy making money in your churches, did JESUS taught you to buld churches? Mesa inuyo ndi amene mumayeneleka muike more effort insearch of GOD’s children, JESUS said go and preach not sit and wait for people to come.. Nanga anthu omwe ali kutali then they won’t see survationtu pamenepo.

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