Malawi to have new low cost airline

A low cost airline owned by Malawians is set to start its operations in Malawi.

Lakestar Express Limited which will make its first flight in January will start with domestic routes before introducing flights to Lusaka [Zambia], Johannesburg [South Africa], Harare [Zimbabwe], Nairobi [Kenya] and eastern side of Mozambique.

Chief executive officer of the airline Allain Chidzanja told the local media they have invested $7 million (about K5.1 billion) and have been given air service licence by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works.

“In Malawi, we want to make sure that passengers can fly between Blantyre and Lilongwe and we want to revive the Northern route in Mzuzu, Karonga and Likoma as it is becoming a hot spot and this will help us revive tourism as well,” he said.

The airline has two 19-passenger Beechcraft 1900D which will be used for flights between Lilongwe and Blantyre as well as the Northern Region.

Chidzanja said they are now hoping they will be issued an air operators certificate.

The Ministry of Transport and Public Works said the company was given an air service licence after it fulfilled the economic regulation requirements but the airline need to start a technical certification process to get an air operators certificate to start operations.



  1. High government fees
    High taxes imposed on avi gas
    Lack of locally based skills and spares
    High capital costs of running of aircrafts
    Using wrong equipment in size and profitability
    unfair government rules when the competitor is competing with a government airlines
    Lack of serious commitment by government to buy tickets from local airlines
    It’s cheaper ad rewarding to fly with an international airlines in one ticket that use a small feeder budget airline

    A good business idea should involve 2 single engine 1 crew aircraft that can carry up to 12 passengers I.e Cessna Caravan 208 which is profitable even with just 7 passengers flying.the airframe itself and the pilot licencing it cheap. The airlines can even buy a written off airframe for spares as they’re a lot of such aircraft.

    Domestically I think only 3 people a day is the demand for Blantyre to mzuzu .and only 2 people a week from Blantyre to karonga, 50 people Blantyre lilongwew , lilongwe mzuzu 10 per day, mzuzu karonga 3 a day. However these figures depends on affordability which depends on the ticket to lilongwe old airport if permitted..its 15km less gas to burn plus cheaper had lung and landing fees. .charge passengers per body weight. .fly 24th rs a day ie they do in Europe. Don’t give complentary baggage allowance restrict to 5kg hand lagguage..night flights should cost half the cost of day flights.

    Keep the planes in the air. A plane on the ground is a loss

  2. The fastest way to become a millionaire, is to start an airline as a billionaire! With only $7million USD, there is very little chance of this succeeding, but I wish them all the best of luck!

  3. Mwaonano kut yogawa mmera si deal? Ndeno pano mukufuna mudzitikweza ndege mmm aaaiiii zanyanya!! Kukhala satero makosana!!!

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  5. Oh please, if Malawi is failing to provide electricity and get rid of vampires how will it manage low cost flights??? Nonsense mxi

  6. Wow!!!! Big up good news to hear, but please put GOD first in everything, but without that the lest is nothing but zero, I wish these people well for their bright plan

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