Deforestation hits Sani hill in Nkhotakota

trees malawi

As government and other stakeholders are encouraging the planting and preservation of trees, the case is not the same with Sani hill in Nkhotakota as its trees have been heavily cut down.

Malawi24 visited the hill where it established that production of timber and charcoal have led to massive dwindling of number of trees at the hill.

trees malawi
Trees being damaged in Malawi. (File)

Malawi24 caught up with one man who makes charcoal in the hill and he disclosed that the practice is intensively leading to deforestation but he cannot stop as it is the only way he can earn money.

Malizani Jaffar told Malawi24 that he is aware that the malpractice is unacceptable since it disturbs ecosystem but because he is a bread winner he has no option.

“Indeed the hill has lost its many tree species and we are some of the people who are facilitating the process through smouldering of charcoal,” he told Malawi24.

Commenting on the malpractice, Father Andrew Banda of Anglican Church told Malawi24 that the situation is getting worse each day as the hill is losing its beauty.

Banda said it is high time people in the district realised the significance of taking care of the hill.

Government of Malawi and other stakeholders stress the significance of taking care of environment to mitigate the effects of climate change.