Mutharika’s silence on blood suckers surprises MHRC


The Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has expressed concern over President Peter Mutharika’s silence on the violence that has occurred due to rumours of blood suckers in various parts of the Southern Region.

Reports of attacks on people by blood suckers have led to the killing of six people accused of being blood suckers or working with them in Nsanje and Mulanje.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika asked to put in place strategies to end the violence.

The rumours have also caused violent attacks on people and damaging of property in the two districts as well as in Phalombe.

Government has already condemned the violence but Mutharika is yet to speak on the attacks.

The commission has since asked Mutharika to put in place strategies to end the violence as expected from a leader of a country so that Malawian should live in peace.

“The Commission calls upon the State President of Malawi to come out strongly and condemn the violence motivated by beliefs and myths in Mulanje and the surrounding districts.

“Leadership does not lie in one’s designated position but in his ability to take the first step and put forth solutions to the ills of the society,” says the statement.

According to the press statement, MHRC has also noted that similar to recent attacks on persons with albinism, the violence and brutal killings of persons suspected to be blood suckers in Mulanje are being influenced by cultural beliefs, superstition and myths.

The commission says it considers those killed and molested as innocent people entitled to the full protection of the law.

“The rule of law demands that only competent courts have the legal authority to try a person and if proven guilty, then determine the appropriate punishment prescribed by the law.

“It is therefore illegal for any person to take the law into his own hands and mete out punishment on any other person even if any such person were caught red-handed in the commission of a cognizable offence,” says the statement.

MHRC has since condemned the arbitrary killings and acts of mob justice in the strongest terms possible and has called upon all citizens to act responsibly and lawfully even in the face of growing unease for whatever reason.

The rights body has also condemned the political violence that occurred recently in Rumphi where ruling party cadets attacked opposition politicians and in Nsanje where there have been clashes between Malawi Congress Party and Democratic Progressive Party ahead of by-elections in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency.

MHRC has noted that these acts are perpetrated by the failure of the Police to deal with the violence with speed and without fear or favour due to interference by high ranking party officials and even cabinet ministers.

MHRC has urged the Police to be professional, impartial and accountable to the people of Malawi by demonstrating the ability to discharge its duties and functions without fear or favour.

“The acts of violence in question call for immediate and urgent thorough investigations, arrest of suspects and prosecution of the perpetrators of violence according to the law,” says the statement.

On its part, the Commission says it will engage all stakeholders involved in these disputes to a dialogue so as to reach amicable solutions. Further, the Commission will continue monitoring the role of various stakeholders in all sectors and where necessary it will resort to naming and shaming those who indulge in practices that incite violence.


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  1. proverb 29:2 tells more of what may happen in this country ……the solution is to preach the gospel and careful selection of those we malawians put in positions becouse the spirit flows from the greater down to laser .and it only who is on the throne

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