Mutharika earns less than Magufuli – State House


Despite the praise he gets from Malawians for his cost-cutting measures, Tanzanian President John Magufuli draws a higher salary than President Peter Mutharika.

State House says Mutharika still receives K1.5 million salary despite being entitled to a monthly earning of K3.8 million.

Peter Mutharika

Mutharika declined to draw the salary of K2.7 million.

The claim has been made in a statement released on October 7 which has been signed by Presidential Press Secretary and Spokesperson Mgeme Kalilani.

The statement is a reaction to a newspaper story claiming that Mutharika earns a hundred times more than an average Malawian while the Tanzanian president draws a salary of K3 million.

Kalilani says in the statement that Mutharika declined to draw the salary of K2.7 million when he became president in 2014 and instead directed that he would actually be receiving K1.5 million monthly as a sign of commitment to the austerity measures his government introduced.

On 1st October 2016, the salary of the president was revised to K3.8 million as an automatic result of adjustments in the salaries of the Vice President, Cabinet Ministers and other positions below him.

“However, again, the President modestly decided to continue drawing that same K1.5 million, which remains the case to date. President Arthur Peter Mutharika in reality refused to receive a salary raise in order to lead by action his principle of spending on austerity measures,” says Kalilani in the statement.



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