Mutharika tells Malawians to ignore social media

Malawi President Peter Mutharika

The dislike of the social media by President Peter Mutharika seems to have no end in sight.

President Arthur Peter Mutharika has urged Malawians living in the United States of America not to be deceived by negative reports on social media.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: Think positively about your nation.

Mutharika made the call during a meeting with Malawians in the US on the sidelines of the 72nd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

The president said Malawians in diaspora should be patriotic by promoting a positive image of their home country as one way of luring investors to Malawi.

“Think positively about your nation. Do not be misled by the negative news you hear through social media from home.

“When you promote the negative image of your country, you are not hurting me or the government, you are hurting the country by scaring away investors,” Mutharika said.

He further said it is high time Malawians spoke positively about their country, the potential it has to solve and overcome the challenges it is facing.

Malawi’s first citizen told the gathering that the economy of the country is rebounding hence creating a good environment to invest.

He further said the stability of Kwacha is one of the signs that the country’s economy is now on track.

Recently, the country’s inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) hit a single digit of 9.3 percent, the first time in more than six years, National Statistical Office (NSO) figures show.

The Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) had forecast that the rate of inflation will hit a single digit by December this year largely due to easing prices of food, particularly maize.

This year, Malawi produced more than 30 percent surplus in maize owing to good climatic conditions after two successive years of low output due to drought and floods.



    1. Sindinaone president wombwambwana ngati uyu. Kumaposedwa ndi Muluzi zochitika. KKKKKK

  1. KOMASO AMENE zelu alibe akulimbana ndi media bwanji zoti mages MADZI makwala komaso opopamagazi akuphaathu saziwa opusa uyu mutumwake mwazaza manyi bas pamodzi ndi duna zake shirt

  2. Peter is a social talk show of the century Dpp had ever had. Reasons been a failure of all. Social media is for us the wise ones and not Dpp boot lickers..

  3. You bwana think positively otherwise you shouldnt even meet our fellow citizens out there.
    Are you telling them not to know how the fellow citizens are suffering by this government with all these full lies?
    They got rights to know what is happening here and I hope if you could be creating jobs for us obviously there your tongue was to tell them to use social media and know how many jobs have been created even asking them to come and work back home.
    Not interested bwana. You are just making things worse.

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  5. Bwana apa anyikatu macadet angoti ziiii,alephela ku defender Kkkkkkkkkk! Keep it up mr President coz zakuti ndinu opoira ma cadet amakana,ndiye amadziwa kutukwana

  6. Fello, bring something sensible, don’t try and make urself popular., by fabricating lies on social, he might not be the president of your choice, but he civilized enough to understand the importance of social media. To tell the pipo that, don’t believe every thing you read on social media,he is not stopping anybody. Mr Boonjesi Lies will not u anywhere

  7. So Mutharika hates it when we speak the truth, eh? Endless electricity blackouts, UNIMA closed for months on end and he has to be dragged from his hiding spot to do something about it, citizens of area 18 being fed brown sewage water, Flames can’t win a game, etc., can’t ran away from all this brah. It’s part of your legacy!

  8. Hahaha..the land,USA,you are in is a social media land..try to spit or urinate in corridors,let we see if BBC won’t air you Mr President…

  9. He must be crazy. He can’t tell Malawians to ignore media simply because it reports negative things. If he want the media to report good things about him, he must do good then even if the media reports bad about him, we the public with judge him for what we see not what the media reports to us

  10. Social media has confused and damaged many. It has tarnished the image of many. The wise will hearken to the plea of the president. It is a straight forward advice.

  11. Ndipo mukatibroka ife titsegulanso account ina ndipo tikupanganinso like. Mukadzatibrokanso ife tidzatsegulanso account ina….mpaka BP yanu idzakwere.

  12. Kkkkkkk bwanamkubwa chotsani ntchito onse amkatumikila kamuzu ndipo tiikene anafe muona ziyendabwino!zoona mungapatse udindo Dausi,mtaba,maletu Bingu anathawatu kumalawi nthawi ya kamuzu chifukwa cha anthu amenewa.ka balagirl kajanso mukati wa jefrey kachotseni kakulunzitsani mu 2019 kalibe khalidwe!

  13. Its because this economy doesn’t bite him. Sleeping on the job wake up Mr President. Can you go again kwa Chinsapo and buy bonya. The waste we have ever seen .

  14. To ignore social media tsono iwe ukuyankhula kwandani???

    Ndi maona ngati ndi social media yomweyotu, akulu kodi angokula mutu alije nzeru ati?????

    Nanga zoona azitiuza zimenezo kumachita iwo ali ku social media konko amaona ngati ndife zitsilu kapenatu

  15. To u social media.u must be independent not on government site only, ur programme must be useful to ordinary people, mind u president has no time to attend your program, your program attended by poor people in village, I wonder u don’t like to put programmes favours, everybody, u just put something u like it yourself, we have got talents here at home but buzzy promoting foreigner, even your programme 99% must be in local language, we know ur do well in your education but your programme must be entertain everybody.

  16. thats stupid wat kind of president is that even bakili muluz analephela kuletsa social media nde iyeyu ndan kt apange zimenez timauser ndalama zathu2 osat za boma kmas wabwela lit iyeyu ku malaw kun mixiiiiiew

  17. Find something better for youth u will have peace for ever, these media is for purpose for us, , munthalika ur educated guy I understand well u know postive impacts of social media at globally, what matters is people much have equality life style as it is in southafrica, men are jobless but they having something better from government, property are so cheap as it is in other countries. Malawi is just enrich political people only, imagine how much u spend to mps and ministers against needs of malawian.

  18. Ngati ndalakwisa mundimange, muyesese chonde nsatuluke kundendeko, kapena mungondipha poti nsinga ndizadula, mulinawo ufumu wapaziko komano ona ndilibe ngongole kwa Mulungu ayi, malonjezo ako abozawo simkondwela nawo ayi, Upse moto, Fyah burrn Babylon shitsteem

  19. Mwakula anganga nzelu zatha ndipo kumaloto kwanga ayi kulibe iweyo, unali ndani udindo opasidwa, fuko lathu likuvutika ona! iwe ndalama wabisa kodi Jahova mwamusiyilanji uyu

    1. Only if they are right, not pa m’mbwelerazo.
      Bible lomwelo limati uyankhe chitsilu powopa chingaziyese chanzelu.Not all leaders deserve respect my brother!

  20. Those who have nothing to hide, who are guity of nothing,,, are afraid of nothing, not even criticism in any form……More over, social media is only mouth piece for ordinary Malawians like me

  21. U very stupid wasowa chonena ndikuze choti unenesopano sisa feteleza kuti anthu alime malawi isankhale ndinjala osati zopusa zakozo

  22. That’s where we find peace in this troubled country of ours…. Kuvutikira to get even basic things like food, money and even water itself mpaka kumatipatsa ndi manyi Omwe

    1. Inu munkayesa muli demokale umu? Kkkk Pali anthu awiri anali ndi Kamuzu nthawi imeneyo ali ku DPP ko ndipo ndi iwowo akupanga izi.

  23. But you are informing on social media. How stupid it is. My phone, my data, my money,my energy. How does this stop someone to go the toilet. Dzenje limodzi kalulu ndichinungu. Amva kuwawa atuluke mudzenje

    1. Don’t put word in my mouth. Read my comment properly and tell me were it reads educated. I wonder were you are getting it. The point is he said “we must ignore social media. My question is why? If you can tell me I will be happy. You are debating with me on the same social media your president said you must ignore. And yet you keep arguing. If you are allergic to social media. Its your phone no one will force you to ignore or not. To me I will not ignore social media. If this don’t sit well to others then they must kick the rock

    2. Late Hon Kamuzu H Banda said kusadziwa ndikufa komwe. Know your rights. Malawi is a democratic nation. Being educated or not its my right. No hate but jealous is the freedom of fool. Nthawi ya inde bwana inatha kale kale. We are free and others remain doom. I argue my fellow Malawians to get education and know their rights then umbuli utha

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