Man jailed for stealing at ATM


The Nkukula Magistrate court in Lilongwe has sentenced a 48-year-old man to three years in prison for stealing money from an unsuspecting Auto Teller Machine (ATM) user.

The man identified as Kingsley Gondwe of Chiwaula village, Traditional Authority Jaravikuwa in Mzimba was sentenced by the court on Tuesday after he was found guilty of theft under Section 278 of the penal code.  Lilongwe

The court heard through Police Prosecutor Pilirani Laja of Kanengo Police Station that on 4th July last year the convict stole money amounting to K113, 000 from an OIBM bank account belonging to Paul Kayinga.

Sergeant Piliran Laja disclosed that during the day of the incident, the complainant met Gondwe at an ATM which is located outside OIBM bank’s premises in Area 25C (Lilongwe).

Laja further disclosed that the complainant had approached Gondwe and asked him to help him use the machine.

In the process, Gondwe stole the card belonging to the complainant by exchanging it with a useless card belonging to the same bank.

The victim realised that someone was illegally withdrawing cash from his account after receiving SMS alert on his phone.

Following the discovery, the victim reported the matter to the Police at Kanengo who managed to identify the convict after obtaining a CCTV footage from the bank.

The Police arrested Gondwe, who pleaded guilty to the charge, in July this year.

His Worship Kantikana of Nkukula Magistrate Court sentenced Gondwe to three years in prison saying the conduct of the convict was very dangerous as it threatened financial security of illiterate Malawians.

He further said he had passed the sentence with hope that the convict and the general public would get a lesson.



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