Malawian soldier kills himself in DRC


A Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldier has shot himself to death in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The soldier Moses Ngwira was from Chilumba Garrison but was in DRC on a peacekeeping mission.

Malawi UN DRC Peacekeeping Mission

Moses Ngwira

According to reports, the Malawian soldiers were expected to engage rebels today as part of their peacekeeping efforts and Ngwira had told his friends he would be the first to die.

He later shot himself in the head and a rifle was found at the scene of the incident. A suicide note purportedly written by Ngwira claims he was ‘tired of killing innocent people’.

Meanwhile, MDF is yet to comment on the matter and, on the authenticity of his allegations that the peacekeeping mission is taking the lives of innocent people instead of protecting them.

Below is the full note that Malawi24 has not independently verified.

Okondedwa makolo anga ndithokoze kamba kondiphuzitsa sukulu. Koma chisankho changa komwe ndidasankha kukhara msilikali ndichomwe chawononga moyo wanga. Chibwerereni kuno ndikungokhalira kupha anthu osalakwa, kuzuza anthu osalakwa.

Mtima wanga mtendere ndilibe mkana ndaganiza zoti ndikutsazikeni.

Mkazi wanga okondedwa chonde samala mwanayo tidzawonana moyo winawo.

Abale ndi azanga nonse miyoyo yanu pakuti Mulungu sakondwera ndi imfa ya anthu ochimwa.

(Dear my parents, thank you for educating me. But I made a very wrong decision to join the armed forces where my life has been ruined. Ever since coming on this mission in DRC, I have done nothing but robbing the innocent of their lives. I have never found peace with myself in doing such a deplorable act.

To my dear wife, please take good care of our child until we see each other again.

Friends and relatives, God does not approve of the death of the wicked [sic]).




  1. Even an American soldier can not tell if he is the one who has shot and kill. You dont need not to be fooled with the movies they r plays. Malawi 24 you showed us you havent ever read war novels, and you r blank in common knowledge and your journalist are young and immature considering most of ur publications. Peace keeping you dont open fire unnecessarily.

  2. kikikiki! what is peace keeping? if a piece keeper is killing innocent people then what is peace keeping? if that’s what they do when they a there then they better come back b4 reaching sucide point.

    • In DRC it becomes dffcult to recognise a rebel.A rebel sometyms might be wthin an civillian audience so if u fail to attack him he might attack u may thats why innocent pple get killed.

  3. vuto ntchito izizi nmangolowetsana mbuzi nokha nokha kungoti nsilikali akumagonana ndi sister wako iwe kukapempha mita yoti ulowe nde yolowetsedwa ndi mulamu ndi mbola mbola sizi funika amitu youma Izi zilindi eni wake bokohalamu zima funa anthu odya za tomato osati timapewa kuno ngati bengo kumango oopseza anthu Ku mowa za ganja basi muziphuzila zeni zeni kapena nmumphephe boko abwele nmalawi muno kuti muziiwelenga bwino

  4. Mukutenga tiwana tapasukulu kupitanato kunkhondo, nfuti ndi zolembela ndizosiyana, mukafuna kuyona asilikali bwerali kuno ku mozambique mudzayone asilikali a renamo, abwana dhlakama, azaka 50 kupita kutsogolo, amadziwa bwino mifuti

  5. Its sad that a life under our flag in a foreign nation has been lost regardless of the circumstances to the cause of death. Malawians we need respect our fallen soilders and there no one who can do that for us. And its also high time psychologist be counseling our deployed men in uniform, we understand they experience a lot of stress when they are out there
    Rest well ngwira

  6. Timve ziti kodi? Ena akuti amaopa kukakomana ndi marebels apa mukuti anatopa ndi kupha anthu anyway zisandizunguze mutu may his soul rest in peace

  7. Soldier, thats a bad decission. The riffle which could have used to kill you has been saved for another innocent soul. You could have taken the riffle to save the other innocent soul. That’s your dutty Soldier.

  8. I guess the story is twisted the guy has been killed thats the truth. Anyway this happens to be our ghetto neighbour’s son and seeing that his mother needed him so much and the way the family is he could not kill himself. Only God almighty will judge and tell the truth. REST IN PEACE

  9. Azikazi ama soldier your altitude contributes alot to this kind of suicide even fellow soldiers kukonda kuyenda ndi Azikazi azanu akakhala ku field.

  10. Investigation to his death would be the only thing to determine the cause of death, if Malawi has the capability to do so. Otherwise we will still be losing our kids out there without knowing why!

  11. He was not mature enough to be sent on a foreign mission. Psychologist would have figured signs earlier before sending him out there!

  12. Shaaaa! mmodzi wapita. Ine ndwiiiiii kulingalira amwene, ndiye ngati msilikali akuzipha yekha nanga kuli bwanji ma civilian kumeneko.? Timvanso ena aziphanso kumeneko. Kuli zipolopolo zoyaka moto kumeneko.

  13. Code of practice. .matter of death on duty should be confirmed and cross Checked by the spoke person for MDF and also the family. Please remember to give respect and grieving time to immediate family members.I’m UK death of a soldier is announced by the min of defence after 48 hrs when the family has been told. .All soldiers are told not to what’s up or talk about it to respect the family. However here in Malawi u r likely to see a bloody chopped head of your brother on Facebook before you even get told by akutchito
    .the MDF launches a quick investigation an cause of death and motive is announce and recorded officially. .For example in streefull dangerous situation soldiers can murder a collegeu who refuses to fight on or show cowardice and also a soldier can kill himself by negligently discharge a shot from the rifle by accident and also a soldier can commit suicide using the rifle.regardless of what he said before investigation should be conducted for all purposes of record. .insurance etc.however stop speculation

  14. when something happens pipo talk like if there is no tomorrow jst imagine if you were in his shoes could you have managed to move even a kilometer? thats my question to you pipo???…rest in peace soldier…. good journey to grace land as (they) (soldiers)believe once he depart from this earth he joins another force/army somewhere ….condolences to the famiry..Amen

  15. chifukwa chachinyengo, mukumalemba anthu amantha oti sichikhumbo chao, kumangoti m’bale wanga lowa apa, lero ndi awa akuziombera okha, ife mitima yathu imakhumbitsitsa ntchito imeneyi, koma poti abale tilibe kumipandoko, tikungosilira ntchitoyo, tayesani kulemba anthu wolimba mtima woyinitsitsa ntchitoyo ngati ife.

  16. Modern technology to blame – social media and mobile phones make soldiers far away to be in contact with everything going on at home. Past soldiers would forget about home and would only espect the day he would recieve a bullet in his head for his mother country.

  17. Eeeeshiiii…..he was a coward soldier who couldn’t solve his problems on his own. You can’t maintain peace with your soul and solve your problems on your own but you went to DRC to maintain other people’s peace and solve their problems, thats how coward he was!

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