Malawians applaud Mutharika for bold UN speech

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has been applauded for issuing a stern stand by Malawi on matters to do with Africa’s representation at the United Nations (UN).

Speaking at the United Nations on Thursday, 21 September 2017, the Malawi leader said it is worrisome that the African continent is left out in decisions like that of global security.

According to Mutharika, there is no nation that is small to make contributions to matters of world security and peace.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika hailed.

“Let me express categorically, my Government’s disapproval of the ballistic missile technology. This should not be tolerated in any way by any member states of the United Nations.” Said the Malawi President.

He added: “There is no continent that is too poor to be part of the global peace agenda. Malawi strongly supports the African position for the full representation of the continent on the Security Council. The United Nations can no longer claim to lad in democracy while sidelining a representation of 1.2 billion people from Africa. How can we can we claim to be in unity with those whom we exclude? Africa must be included.”

Malawians have since reacted to Mutharika’s comments which others say have torn apart UN’s colonial mentality.

Commenting on a post on Facebook by commentator Onjezani Kenani, some users could not hide their support for Mutharika’s stand saying Mutharika had just said out one thing that shows Africa’s segregation on world issues.

Others were however holding a different view saying what Mutharika said was not of any importance arguing he should have dwelt much on problems facing Malawi and citing what his government is doing to curb them.

Sang J. Nkhwazi

Wrote: ” Compare the speech with the Bangladeshi PM who talked about the problems facing her country, the progress they’ve achieved, how they are working to eradicate poverty, how they have reduced national debt, their efforts to help the Rohingya, and what help they need. Malawi has no business talking about nuclear weapons when over 75% of its inhabitants have no access to electricity, over 60% have have no clean water, and when healthcare is on it’s last legs and infrastructure is repelling investors. Mutharika should have gone to focus on how he can improve the life of Malawians on the ground.

“How he will reduce crime in Malawi, which is rampant, how the currency can be preserved from further weakening, how women’s and maternity health can be improved, how the education system cam be improved, and Universities kept open…how jobs can be created and wealth creation opportunities for all Malawians(not just foreigners, or supporters of the ruling party) can be stimulaged, etc.

“Ask yourself what progress had Malawi made since the last UNGA?? There was a speech last time aswell, how much of the 2016 speech has resulted in tangible positive and measurable results.”

Richard Jackson Mdyetseni wrote:

“What message did he mean to deliver? The world has reached a point of no return and those in possession of nuclear weapons are manufacturing more and perfecting its delivery. Without nuclear weapons, you get attacked by those who have, dragged in the street and beheaded. Are we condemning North Korea for defending itself to avoid the fate of Sadam and Gaddafi? What impact does Malawi’s position have on the world stage or we are parroting merely to please Americans? Did we not have”

Kennedy Solidarity Rashid

wrote: Wow…..the one who helped in writing that speech should do it even when our president is in Malawi. … very interesting.”

Most comments however showed support for Mutharika for saying out one of the biggest problems Africa faces.

Overtime, issues of Africa segregation at the UN have sparkled debate with others saying it was high time the UN walked the talk on unity of the continents.




  1. Nkhani ndiyot Malawians applaud Mutharika for a gud UN speech…it doesn’t matter whether they r cadets or DDP followers only..they r still Malawians…..we need to be brainwashed ppo.. But anyway thanks Mr President for standing up for Malawi

  2. Bravo APM, Bravo my president…. Matters of exclusion cannot be treated lightly. The president was spot on to ask the UN to consider involving Africa in matters of security because whatever repercussions of these ballistic missiles shall not Africa because she is poor, or leaders are corrupt the way others are putting it. We do not cease to be dignified in the way God created us because we are Africa. Look at issues of climate change, largely it is a result of actions by Europe and America due to heavy industrialization but my simple question should be as Africa are we taking these super power nations to any task for depleting our environment? Let us give a careful thought to it. Otherwise we will be finished by UN’s biased policies towards Africa.

  3. why should they be given representation when they don’t contribute much in the running affairs of the UN. THE POWERFUL SHOULD RULE BASI. African leaders don’t deserve a seat
    And above all African leaders only weep about global inequality when they deliberately starve their people for their own gains.

  4. Not only cadet but upright minds also do,cos Africa z lagging behind in everything not that we are less brainy but we are made to believe that we can’t do anything,with pple like you against president we allow these evil pple to trample us down.

  5. Now we know what keeps him up night; it’s not the striking government employees or the endless electricity blackouts, it’s ballistic missiles ladies and gentlemen! ‘Dotard’ status confirmed 100%!

  6. “Malawians” applaud Mutharika for bold UN speech President Peter Mutharika has been applauded for issuing a stern stand by Malawi on… Not all of the Malawians though, a good number of us do not even have access to the speech, so stop generalising these things…. Its Dpp followers who’ve applauded to that

  7. That’s why I always dwell on the point of having 10 degrees does not mean you are intelligent,those arguing against APM are somehow myopic in their thinking,don’t they know that these colonialists are playing devide and rule tactic?Do u mean Africa is less important to the global economy?with the minds like those arguing against him,that’s why Africa is always playing a follow the leader part even when they are being led to a slaughter house.mindset change is a must to all Africans,we have a role we can play to the global platform.

  8. show commitment to the African position on global matters by attending AU meetings in person. Fellow African countries will not take us seriously no matter how much we shout at the UN when at the same time we are sending low level delegations to meetings where Africa discusses its position on global matters.

  9. I want to repeat that African presidents especially ours leave a lot to be desired when it comes to their speeches at the UN. Majority of African elite including those applauding Mutharika are still fighting the reality that African needs external help and that is we need the whites to come back to African and continue with their business. Africans are in a battle of their own trying to show they know their problems and they need no one to tell them what to do. Yet we fail to account for our own resources. We fail to come up with meaningful development to end poverty and that’s exactly what we should be saying at UNGA. We need to tell the world what we are doing, how we are doing it and what results we are getting. We need to ask for help where we are failing etc…not bra bra bra!

  10. Agree with you Nkhwazi, these are critical points that our leader should focus, he talks like his nation is well developed in all corners.
    Should we say he doesnt see all these critical problems that his own Malawians are facing in this country ours?

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