Kabwila defends explicit placard

Malawi women

Legislator Jessie Kabwila has come to the defence of an explicit placard that led to the arrest of a protester during the solidarity walk to eliminate gender-based violence (GBV) in Lilongwe on Thursday.

The woman Beatrice Mateyo carried a placard that read “Kubadwa ndi nyini sitchimo. My pussy my pride.”

Malawi women
Kabwila has defended the message in the placard

The protester was widely condemned but Kabwila, who was one of the people responsible for producing placards for the march, defended the message and accused critics of just focusing on the placard not the whole protests.

“Why is the whole march being reduced to this placard? I think media should not dance to patriarchy like this. There were many placards. Why talk about one?” she told the Nation.

The protest was partly sponsored by Oxfam and the organisation has since distanced itself from the placard.

“The role of Oxfam was basically sharing a platform of the concerns that the demonstration this morning sent out. We never, as Oxfam, sat down to develop any message,” said Oxfam country director John Makina.

The woman was reportedly released on the same day.



  1. Next tym, mukadzapemphanso thandizo,organizations will distance themselves from you,and mudzaliranso kuti amayi mukusalidwa…apa mwaonetseratu kuti ntchito zanu nzochoka kwa satana..you serve the devil.Anthu asalimbane nchoyipacho? ayamikire zabwino zitagundana ndi manyi?? Prostitutes!!

  2. I don’t know how decent the lady is, otherwise her attitude can tell us more,

    Most of the times when I see women exposing their body and people talking shit about women inner parts it hurts me and I feel uncomfortable, because I know I am from a mother, I also have sisters, aunties, grand mum and other female relatives and I respect them.

    I wonder why our women these days are allowing devil to use them like this, those women are the ones who will be speaking malirime on Sunday in church, guided by satan him self for sure

    1. The problem people think they are moving with times and they have righta. Culture and respect was replaced by foolishness

  3. GBV comes ometimes therough such foul speaking women whi are ready to undress themselves before the public. Suppose someone wanted to show people the very ‘[email protected] you were publicly pronouncing would you say akuvulani when you will have done it yourselves?

  4. Kabwira always back doors nonsense just for political millige but to me I think she could stand the truth unless if she can tell me that upon meeting her and say ” nyini yanu” as one way of greeting her sangadandaure. There’s nothing to defend here.

  5. This is bcoz women now r men….they have a lot of freedom which is beyond measure…. But this is too much …..we r heading to destruction..

  6. Alipo Amayi Aulemu Wawo Ndipo Inu Amayi Opanda Mwambo Ngati Inu Ndiamene Amaononga Ulemu Wawo.Kodi Mwana Wanu Atakufunsani Kuti Akufuna Adziwe Ndipo Mumuonetse Chomwe Mwalembacho Mumuonetsa???? Inuyo Ndinu Oyaluka Koma Chonde Lemekezani Amayi Athu Omwe Ndi Abwinobwino.

  7. What i would like to ask to mayi Kabwila ndi choti, respect yourself. Zitsiyeni ndalama zipite ndizotsala tidazipeza ndipo tidzazisiya.

  8. Pali ma T-shirt amene amalembedwa kuti “ife a kwa mfumu ya kuti tasiya kunyera ku tchire “.Ma T-shirt wa amavalidwa pa miyambo ya unduna wa za umoyo. Kodi zikusiyana Bwanji?

  9. Did the police check before arresting her if she has a pussy? Supposing that’s just a placard and the woman has no Clark at all?

  10. Kodi anthu simudziwa kuti Kabwila kuti afike pamene alipi chifukwa cha hule maudindo onse awapenzera muhule inne sindili odabwa ndi amai amenewa zomwe akkuchita masiku anuwa (hule)

  11. N’chifukwa chake mabanja azikukanikani!

    Too much disrespect for your husbands and for yourself in the name of feminism!

    Wina amvekere “it’s not like all women want to be married”, I’m like oh you think being lesbian is cool? Or bearing children out of wedlock, raising them without a caretaking father is cool? You wanna be going out with married men huh, that is cute? The sex toys are alright huh?

    The aforementioned are your only options when you choose to be stupid.

    1. Stupidity is when you think you are on moral high ground and have the right to judge other people’s life choices or circumstances. Stupidity is when you think what you believe in or what works for you is what must work for everyone else. Learn to respect other people and their choices, and never judge anyone’s circumstances if you have not been in their shoes. Most of all, if you don’t have anything good or respectful to say about others, say nothing at all rathet tban talk so much stupid.

    2. Ahaha TZM Missy is that how you “spread the word of love”?

      Look, I’m not stupid enough to believe in endorsing stupid conduct in the name of avoiding to judge. If you are a feminist and high about it and happily married, not divorced and not a prostitute. and straight minded, then kneel down and thank God. That is a miracle.

      Palibe mwamuna amene amafuna mkazi wamwano let alone woola pakamwa nkumaika ma placard ochititsa nselu ngati amene adzetsa mpungwepungweyi.

    3. Anthuwa akufuna tizisekelera zopusa. How different was the message from an actual photo of the part that was mentioned on the placard?

    4. Alekeni akhalila zomwezo kumangonyengedwa banja osalipeza coz a normal man can not marry ntsikana otelo l just don’t get it zozionela kuukulu akuona ngati ngozindikila zopusaaa!

  12. Ofcourse in this democratic era, people have the rights to express themselves, but this not the way to do it, mpaka ‘nyini’ kuitchula pa placard? Surprisingly, someone is coming in forefront to defend the nyini person. How come? This is a clear indication that the person who carried the nyini placard is a prostitute, so is the one defending her.

  13. Aaa Mwana Ndidanena Inetu Ambwana kuti uyu ndi hule lothelatu.munthu wabwinobwino sangadzitukwane dziko lonse kumva.MCP mudakhoza kumuyika ku silent chifukwa adakaononga mbiri ya chipani.munthu sakhala otere ayi.kod ameneyu ali ndi mamuna? padzana amalimbana ndi BINGU,dzulo amalimbikitsa homosexuality,lero akutukwana ponyamula placard.hahaha what kind of woman u protray.shut up ur mouth!!

  14. Funk they is nothing new or bad.I would like to think the legislature for coming to help this innocent woman who was express herself.

  15. Proud to be a man,i mostly respect my values whenever i go of which i cant do this silly pracard issue for the results are bad and embarrasing.

  16. Mbuli yophunzila JK yopandaso umunthu teach next generation appropiate language zoti olo mwana akamamva aziziwa kuti mukuyenda pachoonadi!!!!! Mayi ndimunthu oopedwa and chiwalo chake ndicho chimene chiyenela kupasidwa ulemu!!!! osayenda ndi dziko koma yendani mchiyelo mwamva???? ana asatana

  17. Chomwechikundidabwitsa pankhani yonseyi ndichoti…eni ake amalisechewo iwo sakuonapo vuto koma ife amuna nde tikutha kuona kuti pali chivuto chachikulu. Azimai ndianthu omvetsa chisoni when making decisions had it been kut analemba ndikunyamula that placard was aman mukanawaona azimai amenewa mmene akanavutira mmaradio ndi mmabungwe mpaka kucourt. Asiyeni ndi chawo chinthucho ife chathu anatipasa mulungu timachilemekedza. Even porn pics ndi females are the ones who expose this part very much than men.

    1. kenako ana ayamba kumatifunsa adadi nyini ndichani umuyankha bwanji? A bale zinazi mmm kaya ndikutengela zakunja?

  18. When adults use coarse language what are our kids going to learn.even the most ungodly countries dont use such unpleasant words in public.
    Sis Jessy stand for the truth but not at the expense of our dignity as women

    1. Yes that is true but this kind of words they dont help anyone but makes us look cheap and usable. If people are to treat me with dignity I should also use a dignified language

    2. You are rite my sister.
      But I wonder if that lady is a mother, I don’t know how would I feel when I face my friends if she was my mother, no good

  19. Inu azimayi, can you please! Start respecting yourself. We all know that you have that stinking merchandise in your andilokos, but you shouldn’t pronounce this name everywhere.

    1. Donton Tchale when there is a problem learn speak with dignity and not add on its low class.
      Whats the difference between you and the ones using obscene language

  20. Inu Mayi Kabwira, we all know that you have Nyini as every woman is. But first, please respect your Nyini before we respect you. How can you feel if your son starts shouting the word Nyini, in your house while you are entertaining the visitors? Why do you say ziwalo zobisika or private parts,? Why don’t you shout Nyini, I think these women don’t respect women. If they do, they could have respected their Nyini first. Please, remember, nobody had a choice to born a female or a male. God is the one who chose our Gender being. Respect!!!!!!!!!!!

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