Malawi to have new youth organization

Salima youths

Amid government’s effort to reduce high unemployment levels in the country, a new organization which is to empower the youth economically is being formed.


Salima youths
YEH: To empower youth economically.(File)

Young Entrepreneurs Hub (YEH) is being formed with an aim of fighting poverty amongst young people in Malawi who are also suffering the consequences of high unemployment levels.

According to YEH Director of Operations Prince Elvin Magombo, the organization is being formed after consultations on what is lacking in Malawian youths.

Magombo said young people are today undergoing different trainings and education but there is no helping hand, a development which has forced them to form the organization.

He further added that once the youths are empowered economically, they will contribute to the economic development of the country.

“We are forming YEH with an aim of fighting poverty amongst young people. This is because we saw that the biggest cause of poverty among young people is the rise in unemployment rate.

“We believe that the economy of Africa, Malawi inclusive is moving slowly because the number of unemployed youths has surpassed the number of those employed. This is not to be solved by the government, so as people who love the nation we thought it wise to join hands with Government and our development partners,” said Magombo.

He further said the organization will be equipping young people countrywide with entrepreneurial skills regardless of their education background and youths will be offered funds following a successful training.

He however said forming an organisation in Malawi is a complex issue politically, economically and legally but he assured all youths to get ready to be empowered.

YEH is currently being solely funded by Member of Parliament for Chiradzulu Central Hon Hannif Osman popularly known as OG Issah who says his aim is to help young people in the country to attain independence.