Madman steals Lucius’ show

Soldier Lucius Banda

A mentally ill man popularly known as Mkwepu surprised people who were enjoying Sir Lucius Banda’s show in Balaka as he played the bass guitar perfectly.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Sir Lucius Banda praised Mkwepu for the way he played the guitar.

Lucius Banda
Lucius Banda: Praised Mkwepu.

“Balaka show always has a surprise. As I was singing Ndiwe m’bale wanga, this guy just came and took the Bass Guitar from Charles and started playing exactly the right chords,” said Lucius Banda.

According to Banda, Mkwepu is mentally challenged and usually moves around in Balaka.

However, Banda also knows the man as a talented guitarist.

“To most people in Balaka they know Mkwepu as a mentally Ill man who just roam around the streets of Balaka.

“I know him as a former Bassist for the Malawi Army Bravos band of the late Jacious Kanjaukes in the nineties,” Banda said.

According to Soldier, during Friday’s show Mkwepu played very well and afterwards he led in singing the song Substitute by Gregory Isaacs.

“It was massive, he made some good money on stage,” noted Lucius.

Reacting to Lucius’ post, some of his followers hailed him for accommodating Mkwepu while others pleaded with the veteran musician to support the guitarist.

One of his followers on Facebook Leonard Chimbanga commented: “Soldier of the People. You did well accommodating him others would have chased him away.”



  1. I knew that man very well his father was a police officer at Zomba police college in the 80’s and he started his music carrier when he was at police primary school together with Kenneth Ning’ang’a and Elias Kaliat then letter booth they joined Army strings Band and he is the one who played bass guitar during Geocius Kanjauke but due to mental illness he resingned from the army. Do you remember the song ndapota nanu ma bwana nonse lipilani antchito mwachilungamo? Done by Army Bravo Band? He is the one who played bass guitar.

  2. Koma guys munthu ameneyoyo sizocheza. Amatha, he played guitar & everybody was amazed. That time Lucius anali akuimba substitute ya Gregory Isaacs, koma eeeee….., amatha….

  3. Mkwepu was a bass guitarist in by then Army Stirrings Band his first name is Ephraim, soldier helping his buddy and hope Loucius will take him on board.

    1. You people I fail to understand you ,mad man is a mad man why blaming the journalist for nothing, I have ever been a mad man nothing wrong with that its a disease

  4. It’s a thought that counts. Lucius accommodated the man in that state of mind was something that many could or can not do. The talent of the mad mad resurfaced. Respect to you Lucius… help the man. He played all the notes and progression bass scalles well as u said.

    1. Siwamisala, only that anasiya kuimba after mavuto ena. Koma amamwa kachasu kwambiri. Amene mwaitsata sound kwambiri pa Malawi pano, mkulu ameneyu anaimbako ndi achina late Kanjauke so few year ago. I was there @ Modern Park last Saturday night….

    2. Yeah ndikumdziwa kwambiri munthuyu waimbapo mu Army Bravo ndi the likes of the late Dan Mwenelupembe, Elias Kaliati, Kanjauke ativinitsa pa Zomba community ground #MadamChikopa

  5. Why you take that long to tell us or it’s another fabricated lie.

  6. Mmm it has to be learnt with total notice that lucious banda shows always atract runats!
    The last show he performed at mzuni main hall it was a surprise too to see a mad man ku stage but with total secured back and front stage!
    I guess these runats are cloud pullers! !

  7. That’s the best news I get this week from the warm heart of Africa. Lucious God bless you

  8. Please what kind of journalism is this you mean you couldn’t find a polite term like “a mentally challenged person” a mad person is so demeaning and not in modern use.

  9. Koma nanu inu. Nkhani yakalekale. Mwiniwake anapanga post. ili ndi ma comments over 500 pano. nde inu mukakamba lero? Ha. Osangosiya journalism yo bwanji? kkkkkk

  10. Mosafuna kunyoza,kapena kukondera. Ndikufuna kunenapo chinthu chomwe ambiri samafaniza akamapanga zinthu. Palibe kanthu kuti wina akwiye,ine ndinenabe basi. Ouch ndayiwalanso chomwe ndimafuna kunena.

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