Recreation activities crucial to reducing population growth

Francis kasaila

The ministry of labour, youth, sports and manpower development says involving young people in recreation activities can assist to reduce rapid population growth in the country.

Speaking to local media, minister responsible Francis Kasaila said time has come for the country to begin searching for ways of reducing population growth.

Francis kasaila
Kasaila there is need to reduce population growth.

He explained that indulging Malawian youths who have different skills in various activities can help the country to reduce rapid population growth.

Kasaila added that allowing the youths to showcase their talents can be a great idea to keep them busy hence preventing them from sexual behaviour that can result in unwanted pregnancies.

“Most of the youths in the country have skills which can keep them busy at the same time prevent them from being involved in sexual behaviours that lead to rapid population growth,” he explained.

Kasaila however expressed that the ministry is aware that there is need for more efforts hence government is geared to do all it can to reduce the Malawi’s population.

He also asked the general public to work hand in hand with the ministry in reducing rapid population in the country to make Malawi a better place to stay.

Drug and alcohol abuse are among factors which mostly influence youths to be involved in sexual activities that lead to early pregnancies.

Malawi’s population is estimated to be at 18 million and is expected to reach 40 million in 2040.


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  1. This is a very shallow, misguided and speculative rationale from the Honarable minister. Depending on mere assumptive proxies in achieving what you want will not help my country. Racks the issue of population growth the way it comes with concrete action plan.

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