Dowa Hospital faces closure


The Medical Council of Malawi (MCM) has warned that it will close Dowa district hospital for failing to provide the recommended hygienic environment to patients.

A visit by MCM to the hospital a fortnight ago revealed that the facility has no functional toilets for patients and guardians to use.

Sewer was also reported to be blocked and with no latrine around to use, a situation that poses serious threat to the lives of patients and guardians at the hospital.

MCM assistant registrar Richard Ndovi disclosed that the two week period the council gave the hospital to resolve the issues elapses today.
“Acting in the interest of patients, we gave them two weeks to correct the problem, we are visiting to check if the problem has been solved,” said Ndovi.

He added that they will make sure that the patients at the hospital should continue to be assisted in the event that the hospital is closed for failure to comply with standards set by the council.

Among others, MCM was established to inspect health facilities and monitor the conduct of health workers.




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