Judiciary support staff strike worries MLS


As Judiciary staff are in their fifth day of striking, the Malawi Law Society (MLS) has expressed worry over the strike arguing justice is being denied to people in the country.

In a statement signed by MLS president Khumbo Soko and Secretary General Michael Goba Chipeta, the society says authorities have not treated the matter with serious attention to resolve the grievances with the striking staff and avoid court shut down in Malawi.

“The society has previously lamented the shutdown of the courts, which regrettably for our nation, is something that is now occurring with alarming regularity.

In any well-functioning democracy, courts, by the very nature of the business that they undertake, are never supposed to be shut down and rendered inaccessible to all those who might wish to call them in their aid from time to time.

“Closure of the courts denies our citizens justice, compromises the right of lawyers and those employed by them to earn a living and profoundly damages our nation’s credibility as a serious destination for foreign direct investment. It really is to our nation’s great discredit that this constitutional aberration is somehow being normalized,” reads part of the statement made available to Malawi24.

MLS has further disclosed that it is to engage various stakeholders to have the striking staff and authorities agree on the matter of house allowances for the court to resume operations.

Judiciary support staff in Malawi downed tools to force government pay them house allowances just like magistrates, judges and other senior staff.






  1. Zikungowonetaeratu kuti boma ndilolephera pakufunika kusintha. Ochoke tione zina.Judiciary is an arm of governnt so why they r not solving de problem in their on house. Boma lakukanikani.Anthu sakufuna kukhala mu mchitaganya cha dpp that why ma strike adzipitilira now here comes nurses and doctors just wait.

  2. Its the economy to blame. Purchasing power of workers pay especially those in the low bracket, is nil. Please can Judiciary have a human face by reviewing workers pay urgently.

  3. Something, somewhere things went wrong. It was last year when the judiciary staff had waged a strike. And we thought their cries had been taken into consideration. This year, they have again waged another strike. One is left to wonder. What’s the fuss about. It seems last year’s strike only had the top judiciary employees’ grievances taken on board leaving out the junior’s. It was up to magistrate level and looking at the resolutions JB govt left behind stipulate that the judiciary employees regardless of the grade must have their salaries raised. So because the authority didn’t do as the promise said, that’s when we see the strike coming again. So please don’t return to work until your grievances are addressed asap. We support you.

  4. koma abale Malawi wa lero two much strikes mwambo tilibe sitizatukuka we should work as japanes osafooka 24hrs asatopa, osanyinyilika

  5. Kd masitilakawa mukuchita kuonerana? Akapasidwa amenewa kenako muva enanso akunyanyalanso. Zaziiii we cannot develop with this habit.

    1. Strikes do not affect the development of any country but corruption. Here people are just expressing their own grievances and once their concerns have been addressed, they are going to report for duties. How do you expect people who are facing financial challenges to contribute fully to the development of their nation. We should love our brothers and sisters when they are expressing their issues.

  6. this is worrisome indeed considering the fact that we have a sleeping, toothless and clueless grandpa in the name of a president!!!!!!!!!

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