There are no jobs for you – Mutharika tells Community College graduates

Mutharika Peter

President Peter Mutharika has told graduating students of the technical colleges to start their own businesses as there are no jobs for them.

Mutharika said the students have to make use of the skills that they have been equipped with to turn things around in their lives.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika: No jobs for youths

“Use the skills you have acquired to start small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Use your skills to create a job for yourself, and create jobs for others. If you always want to be employed, you may end up being employed by no one,” Mutharika said.

“Think as an employer of others. As government, we have instituted policies that encourage the youth like you to create jobs for yourselves and others.”

Mutharika also said Malawi needs skilled labour force to develop hence his government’s focus on community colleges.

Mutharika made the remarks during the graduation of the first cohort of students from Community Technical Colleges at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Speaking during the ceremony, Mutharika said for the country to develop it needs people who have skills with the aim of doing things professionally and engaging themselves in self-employment.

“The creation of a skilled labour force is a necessary step towards the development of Malawi. No country develops without skilled labour. Community Colleges are one way of investing in the development of the human capital.”

“The human capital is the single most important capital. Human capital is the beginning point of any civilization. Without a well-developed human capital, other natural resources cannot be effectively put to use,” Mutharika said.

About 700 students have graduated from several community technical colleges across the country. Government has vowed to give tools to the graduating students this year in order for them to hit the ground running.



  1. Big up mr president for letting them to be self reliants and the starter packs ur giving them, but my question is why when someone invert or make something big the gvt doesnt support and instead u bring him down, for instance what did the govt do with that little boy who made radio(if not Gospel Kazako ddnt come to rescue) and what abt that recent one who made an aeroplane,jst to name few. So what more u want the youths to do? That presidents remark is jst rediculuos and pointless

  2. Our kinsmen lack financial discipline. Even if capital was readily available, the so called budding entrepreneurs will only trade for a year or so and go bankrupt because we don’t separate business from a person owning it. We fell when we make a small profit we have to spend there and then without trying to grow the business from the same profits and set a goal how to expand. The small machinery given to us for free by the govt or whoever, we don’t understand the need to service them or replacing spare parts when they break Dow due to wear and tear because we expect the same donors to do that for us. Also our extended families bankrupt us because they feel they are entitled to our money through demands. Our families will in move in with you just to be fed without lending a hand in your business but expect to be fed during their long stay. Buy them new outfits when returning to the village on top you give money as well plus extra money to share with other immediate family etc. We dare not say we don’t have money or you risk to be an outcast among your extended family or ulodzedwa.

  3. of coz its a very good I dea but those guys they wil need support from government lyk capital if government can try to provide them with capital things will be better

  4. of coz its a very good I dea but those guys they wil need support from government lyk capital if government can try to provide them with capital things will be better

  5. If the government reduced the lending rate to something affordable then that would enable more people to get onto owning their own business.. This to me is key. At current interests rates you cannot do business

  6. This is true, most people they finish colledges and says there is no job, the question is what did you learn at the college? What have you been empowered (skills)of from the college? Those are your tools to use and make a difference.

    On the other hand Malawi president should nit just say these wise words, he should also look into the issue of funding. Private funders are very expensive to repay the loan rather the government should come up with a solution to fund these graduates to start their small businesses and put up a time frame when that loan should be completely repaid, it will assist alot and this country will be developing.

  7. What kind of capital these people must be given in order for them to start business? Each one of them were given tools according to their trade. Lets say. A tailor was given sewing machine. Is it wise for him to wait for the government to give him money for thread? Ngat ndchoncho nde tisaukad coz sndkuona boma limene lingampaxe aliese chinachilichonse

  8. What kind of person you’re. You’re not aleader . I will start war just soon. Where are you coming from, so you want to destroy Malawi kkkkkkkkkkkk.

  9. The president was not as usually wrong, but capital remains the problem. And I wish pakanakhala thumba la padera lomwe lizithandiza anawa pa ngongole.

  10. Bwampin in action amapanga za try end error awa amaona ngati tingafanane ndi Ku China kumene technology ili high bola mwaphunzira kupanga freezes wa malambe kwinako muzionera nokha kkklkllkk ondifuna ndili #kwathu

  11. Anzathuwo Zikumveka Coz Ama Apasa Zitakataka Zonse Pantchito Yawo. Mwachisanzo: Welder Amampasa Welding Machine, Grinder Nd Zina Zotere. Koma Nanga Ife Aku TTC {teachers} Or Nd Tg Yomwe Satipasa Komanso Kuyambisa Xul Sindondomeko Zakezo.
    Ndye Nkutani Pamenepa Bwana President?

  12. For really that malawians we need to work hard please. Not just everything look at government. I like president words!!!

  13. i dont see a reason why we should blame the president and govt .This initiative will really help us malawians if we stop kudalira chilichonse.Boma lakupatsa skill and ma tools can u fail kuyamba ndi kochepa? Vuto timafuna kungofiikira pa dangote

  14. If you look around, in every trading centre and in all villages in Malawi you will find craftsmen. There are tinsmith, radio television and computer repair techs, painters, bricklayers, welders/metal workers, carpenters. These aren’t skilled at all and most of their work is trash. Villages and trading centers can’t develop with the works of these unskilled craftsmen. The aim of community colleges is to produce skilled craftsmen who will work in these trading centers and villages and leave these places beautiful hence develop Malawi. Osati kumanga nyumba zopotoka kapena kukhoma masofa autuchi mukugula pano. The aim of community colleges is not to employ their products into the government. Through social media at least we can understand umbuli umene uli mMalawi muno. Anthu okhalira kulira kuti boma liwadyese, so pathetic. Mbuzi za ma citizen. Everybody must work hard and think of how to get capital. Utchitsiru okhalira kuyang’anira boma kuti litidyese unayenera kutha otherwise Malawi is doomed.

    1. Noo!! I’m not listening your fabricated lie bro u know what i my community we have got alot of experienced people with their talent or skills and most of them they never went to school to apply or get imparted the knowledge by those so called professors komano they are better at doing it than those who struggled attend classes in wasting their time for no apparent reason…u have to realize that a skill is just somthng u deserve inborn and i do hope everyone has confidence about it…..mwina kwanuko kulibe anthu oterewa bt in my society we are much blessed with a such kind of talented beings who do a recognisable and great things that contribute to our society in development boosting….. u r an exceptionally fool!!! i have seen those who go to school asking for help from those illiterate…. kk why r they doing so? is just becoz the claim to go into a destiny of which never created for them instead they only force the matter@@@@@ bro think wisely before u take your thoughts into words mpikene mwe achisiru?

  15. Thus unfair, you don’t want to employ them, but chop their money with 8000% taxes,,, mumuziwe Yesu ndi ophunzira ake!!!!!

  16. How can a child run business without capital. Can a car move without fuel?? 2019 naye akayambe Business asiye u President walephela akanangokhala chete osayankhula umenewo ndi ntuzu kapena ntuzi kugwela mazi akumwa

  17. The Peter Munthalika should give them Money for Business or else he should close all Commununity Colleges before 2019. We voted for a vistor he has been out for too long that why he doesnt care about Malawians. My anger will be shown in 2019. Why did him pick them from their Villages? they were happily raising fowls and livestocks on top they were cultivating for Business. He takes Malawians as fowls

  18. Chilungamo chimapweteka a MW adazolowera kuwanamiza kodi nthawi ya Banda,Muluzi,Mutharika and JB anthu onse ophunzira adali pa ntchito kudalibe ma Business man? nde enanu mukudabwa chani? go to xool 4 knowledge mwava!!!!!!!

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  20. Big up Mr President, those are nice words for a father who need his child think that life is not easy but hardworking plus creativity will make him prosper.

  21. Exactly, they were trained how to catch fish rather than expecting somebody to give them fish dish everyday. But Mr President, ofcoz what u told them is true, but atleast they must also given the capital, u can not graduate at school and starting your own business without any capital, first u must work for capital then create your own business!

  22. how can we start our own businesses when we don’t have financial capital, we only have management capital Mr president! a little package of finanacil assistance can compliment your speech but without that its just a waste of our time

  23. I do buy that statement, i think dependancy syndrome can be reduced.These Graguates Should Use Such Skills to uplift Malawi as a whole.

  24. Zowona amalawi tiyeni tidzuka zochitika tisamangodalira kufusera ntchito ayi moyo ndi wowawa kulamulidwe komaso akatichotsa zimatengaso nthawi kuti tiyipeze yina ntchito ndizomwe zimatibweza mbuyo mapulani anthu omwe tinalinawo

  25. How to start business without capita to start with?so pathetic,not all graduates r coming frm parents who got cash to start business.presdent before he speak about business,let goverment give them money to start with

  26. To the other hand the president is right and he has stated it crealy that the government is vowed to give tools to those graduating this year to hit the ground.its good to use their skills by creating their own jobs than applying for jobs.this will also reduce seeking jobs from other countries

  27. Guyz bwana wo tue akudziwa kuti mwangowaulidwa you are not skill enough to be employed ,amzanufe pamene tinkapanga galah sikunabwere presedent komano makampan akachita kulimbrana kutilemba ntchito tinachita kuthawa mkumapanga zathu,after titapezake experiance.

  28. Truly. …. there’s no jobs for them but a lot of work for them to make money. ..I like that… Hence Malawi will be a producing country!

  29. Fuso langa kwa inu a #Malawi24 coz ndi amene mwapanga post.

    And fusoli likafike kwa bwana mkubwayo.

    His is saying that thy must start their own business where did thy going to get captal?

    1. Where did some of us get capital? Capital ndi luso aphunzilaro mma college etc.. AMalawi anzanga tisamadane ndi kuuzidwa zoona & lets forget izi zolembedwa ntchitozi.. tigwiritse ntchito luso tiri nalo & become our own boss, ndizotheka..!

    2. Anthuni tisamapepere daladala. Kodi mumidzi mwathumu ma painter, ma builder, ma welder, ma carpenter, ma radio repair, ma tailor, ma shoe maker, ma tinsmith capital amakapeza kuti? Kodi boma kalakwa kuchita equip ana anthu with standard craftsman skills? Nthawi zina pagulu ngati pano kumakamba za nzeru.

  30. If u have tried to open account but u failed, and u still want to have account don’t worry, am here to help u just call/WhatsApp on 0604945171. No need Work permit. No need Proof of address.


  32. an entrepreneur is person who sees opportunity and makes a quick buck out of that opportunity, to became an entrepreneur you need to turn your hobby into a business venture that give you the satisfaction and passion. so creating jobs require to who are entrepreneurs to create to jobs it starts with an idea, share that idea

  33. Zowona big Man,ine bambo anga anandiphunzitsa bussines yogulitsa Chamba,moti pano ndimaziimila pandekha,ana anga amaphunzila sukulu zapamwamba ku SA,sindikuzisowanso mtchito za n bom.

  34. There is no job for them, but there is work for them. True President, we should stop depending on government to provide job for us. We are more than 18 millions, let be creative and try our best to create job for our own and for others as well.

  35. Country’s Technicians’ Market is already saturated, govt role is still needed to prevent this good initiative from backfiring. If these graduates, plus others to come, flood the already tight market and start scrambling piece meal jobs, the goal of this project, which is to provide the youth with means for survival, will be hampered or even lost completely.

  36. Kkkkkkk plz mr President we can’t run Business without your suport of we did a mistake to choose you as our leader.Eg people can do farming business but see prices very low no Trusted industries.

    1. penapake zimatiwawa amadyera ndiomwe aja just imagine munthu kuphuzira kuti azalowe ntchito muboma kapena mu company koma osathandizika koma awononga fees yambiri zaziii .Ok munthu wapanga plani yoti apange Business kumatiberanso asaaaaa.

    2. Let me ask each one of u.What if the president doesn’t come and give u a hand?Dont u have dreams?So if he doesnt come,u will let your dreams die/unfulfilled?Think of those who didnt have that opportunity to attend college like you did.Adandaula bwanji?Why bank your hopes on someone instead of believing yourself and start small while thinking big?U ‘ve tried all these leaders,nothing worked,just use what u have basi,zinazi,zikutayitsani time,guys.If u keep that mentality,in 10yrs time,u will wish to have started in 2017,zipani tasintha mokwanira,umboni mulinawo ngati nzika.It isnt about zipani or who so ever was ruling,is ruling or will rule,just do your part to change your world basi

  37. yet in their campaign they said they will create job opportunities for the youths. so what are these technical colleges for?

    1. So you think everything should be given to you for free?? Bursary yaulele,ntchitonso mukufuna yaulele hahaha my Malawi.

    2. I was educated from what you have called it bursary. That does not make you going beyond what you have received. How long should a person depend on bursary?

    3. you don’t know what you are talking. people are living hard life out there. the government was supposed to make a plan maybe give them loans or something even buying tools for a start just to make sure they earn a living at the end of the day

    4. Men must,(must)work up and make sure hê has done something for him self aday,,,,take out your desscent clothes and put on worksuits,and give your self busy,,you ll get something by the end of the day.take your step and move forward …your life will never be the same again

    5. They were told they will be imparted with skills. With those skills earned self employment can be achieved. Munthu ameneyo amadzilemba ntchito ndipo sakufunikira boma limulembe ntchito

    6. are you saying someone who has graduated and was on bursary can manage to source money for his or her workshop? we are all coming from different backgrounds and not all can afford the necessities to open up a workshop. I am not against thr idea being raised by the president. all I am saying is government must find a way like giving them the required tools thats all. I have friends not one buy they graduated from technical colleges yet they are not working.

    7. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk-kkkkkkkkkk ,we start from zero my freinds some rich people you are seing they started from zero ..and these graduates have their future to change their world.

    8. Mambala, you mean you don’t know that this is job creation?. Gosh, you don’t tell us you’re one of those worst COWARDS Malawi is taming.

  38. Koma sakunama Peter, kulibe ntchito ku Malawi zama graduate…. Muzamuvoteleso 2019 bcoz ndi president woyankhura chilungamo…. Kkkkkk

  39. Nothing Wrong With the speech.The only problem is that malawians wants false promises.A bulder cannot get a permenent employment but just a contract.

  40. Ntchito ilipo koma nzeru mulibe bwana,,dziko la Malawi likufunika alimi achizungu,,mulande malo ku anthu akhale mmanja mwa Boma kenako mupatse azungu azichita ulimi, basi ntchito zizavutanso

    1. Dont depend azungu to come and produce from ur resources(land), it could sound better if u could have said we be given skills and capital to venture in that farming

    2. Mzungu ndi key-Zimbabwe inaliyochita bwino pachuma pamene inali ndi alimi achizungu ambiri,atapitikitsa azungu inatsika pansi kwambiri mu chuma

    3. Dereck malo tilinawo koma tikufa tili osaukabe kaamba koti ulimi ndiovuta umafuna ndalama zambiri komanso misika,pamene mzungu amapeza msika poyamba asanayambe kulima komanso mzungu sasowa msika amagulana okhaokha,,monga ine sindingangosunga malo mwa nsanje pamene ndikulephera kuagwiritsa ntchito,,ulimi wa nzimbe ku Nchalo ndi Dwangwa ulimmanja mwa azungu amalemba anthu oposa 10.000 kumapeza la mchere ndiye uganize patakhala minda 10 ngati yomweyi bwa??

  41. kkkkkkkkkkkkk how are they going to open business if they don’t have capital even if they can apply for Loan they will not succeed what a joke? Kkkkkkk how to start???

  42. Don’t talk about 2019 its too early but honestly the president is right don’t wait someone to e employ but ask the government to give you a capital

  43. Sipazakhalanso mtsogoleri wabwino mukuziNamiza dziko limeneli silizasintha mpang’ono pomwe tieni tingolimba mtima kmnso kupemphelera dziko lathuli, mukuona bwa?

    1. Kulimba mtima kotani bwana? Truly dzikoli ndilathu, and u r very true. Ndipo tiri ndigawo lokoza zinthu.Koma kugiva kuti kulibe angakoze zinthu ndikutsutsana nanu. Alipo amene angathe ndithu Mulungu adatipatsa maluso isiyana, kuganiza kosiyana. Uyu ndimmene akuganizira, enanso akuganiza mosiyana. Eetu.

  44. He is just telling them the truth, false hopes can hurt you so much. Lets just help ourselves, be the employers, tikadalira a boma sizigwirapo izi ma guy. We all know boma lathu ndi manyaka

    1. Is he going to give some cash as a starter park? I don’t support that idea, if government is failing to create job opportunities, how can a poor young man afford to

  45. Malawi24 sounding like western mainstream media over russia en usa stories….the headline itself sounds political, for wat? Mo views?? Ooh wat a silly article

  46. Kkkkkkk! Kkkkkkk! Amenewo nde mawu abwana, komanso mwalakwisa mukanati ,nonsenu simungapeze tchito koma enanu muenela kkkk self employment

  47. Ntchito kulibe ? Kkkkkkkkkk Abwana nde mwaonjezatu asa , malo mowalimbikitsa muti ntchito palibe ? Izi nchifukwa chake enafe tilimoyenda too much uchitsiru Malawi shaaaa koma abaleso zinaziiiiiiii !!!

  48. Wow I like that very much. That’s when they will use the knowledge acquired at the college to open up their businesses. Luso mudalandira lantchito za manja cholinga chake kudali kuti mukayambitse mabusiness mudzilemba ntchito anzanu. It’s good that tsopano we will be creating jobs on our own instead of waiting for the government to employ us. Thumbs up. Only those who hate the truth may attack me.

    1. Kodi moti tose tikhale abusiness nde adzigulano mzake mndani? Kugulitsa mabank ndi ma campany aboma then mkumatiwuza kuti ntchito kulibe is that leadership.? Mummisika yathu ogulitsa amakhala ambiri kusiyana ndi ogula. Nyumba ili yose yamumnjira upeza patsekulidwa turkshop.

    2. Andrew chatsika ogulitsa akakhala ambiri mtengo was zinthu umatsika chifukwa aliyense amafuna agulidwe. Nde nanga tonse tikalembedwa ntchito munuwake wa company yo Nde akhala olemera kwambiri ka. Common sense

    3. Nkhani ya technical skills ikugwirizana bwanji ndi Tuck shop? Plumber, welder, tailor, mechanic akasekulenso tuck shop?
      They just needed the knowledge and now government should at least provide them with kits

    4. That’s TRUE! The best way to develop ourselves and this country is to start our own business. The problem with us Malawians as well as the Black people is that we always have the mindset of being employed after graduating. Its very rarely to see a white person having that mindset. We are always afraid of starting something new! I know its hard to find a capital and start our own business, its better to try! We just need a little capital.

    5. Zo ona bro,mentality yoti ndidzagwila ntchito mu office ndi imene ikukolezela umphawi,,job creation si boma lokha,koma anthu ngati amenewa ali ndi manphuzilo aukachenjede ayenela ku panga create ma bussines,ena akhoza kulembedwabe ndi boma komaso makampani koma ambili ayenela kupanga create ma bussines awo nkumalembaso ntchito anzawo

  49. So you expecting government to create jobs for you while you re scratching your balls with your professionals instead of creating your own goats

    1. That was there slogan during compaign, if they fail to create job opportunities to poor people, how can a poor young man do. What they know is to pocket them selves with public funds

    2. kkkkk they shld just appreciate kt ena aziwirako ku eraz en c muthalika live bt za job they shld just 4get azikakoma ma cofin uko nd zixeko-zama reed/bambooz kumudz’

    3. Thom kanyama.Ase youmba mbiya kaya makala nde business yo. Vuto lake a Malawi mumafuna kulemera pompo pompo. U can raise money for a proper business by selling makala.inenu ndi mbuli ndi kuganiza komwe

    4. Inu mukuona ngati munthu wa community technical college busines yomwe angapange ndiyoti izimupatsa ma millions patsiku, lets give APM a credt for giving them some skills to start up with

  50. Ok let me answer this in chichewa ndiudindo wa bambo pabanja kufuna zakudya za ana osati ana kufuna zakudya za bambo panyumba wanzeru wava

    1. #roosevelt, i dnt bliv in politicians but i strongly bliv dat if de guys use there skils they can become productive unlike waiting for a politician to help them……..en for de record, APM said he wud give dem employable skils not employment

    2. Graduate is far from these guys from technical colleges. One who has done plumbing will just need tools and start looking for opportunity of plumbing someone’s house. These technical students have hands on job experience than university graduates

    3. An accountant is different from a carpenter. The later can easily become self employed as witnessed with hundreds that we arleady have in our towns

    4. My brother if you get a graduate phwii pakhomo akudikira kulembedwa ntchito ndi government kapena kupasidwa capital ndi government ndi kape ameneyo kapena titi chitsiru university sinamuthandize abwelerenso.

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