Blackouts to get worse until December: Escom needs 5 years of heavy rainfall


The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has said Malawi will continue to experience power cuts unless the country receives above normal rainfall for five consecutive years.

The corporation has said the electricity situation in the country will change after rainwater increases water levels in Lake Malawi or after short term solutions are implemented.


Mwapasa: asked to meet businesspeople

Escom has since organised regional meetings to enable its customers prepare for massive power cuts that will occur from August to December this year.

According to a letter signed by Escom Chief Executive Officer Evelyn Mwapasa addressed to Chief Executive Officer of Malawi Confederations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the meeting has been organised in the knowledge that businesses and institutions such as hospitals will from time to time experience load shedding.

“Whilst we are implementing some interventions to minimise the impact of the challenges on our customers, it is essential that our customers especially the business community and crucial services like hospitals put up mitigation measures to minimize the impact,” she says in the letter.

Escom has therefore called on its customers from the business sector to attend regional meetings that have been organised to update them on the status of the electricity situation in the country.

At the meetings, Escom will give customers a clear picture of the situation to enable them plan better for the blackouts.

According to the letter, the body will be conducting meetings in all the country’s regions.

In the southern region a meeting was conducted on Monday, in central region a similar meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 August at Sunbird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe and in the northern region it will be on Tuesday 15 August at Mzuzu Hotel.



  1. Even we have heavy normal rainfall for 50 yrs consecutive but the problem of power cuts will never ending……………Why in Mozambique the power of electricity doesn’t give up moreover we are in same climate zone experience.ESCOM always they’re liars

    In shortly in Malawi the problem of power cuts will never ending because it’s impossible to receive normal rainfall for five years consecutive while we are already known that we are experiencing problems of Climatic change.

  2. Its not about water level I told you ppl this is a game plan political tactics the gvt doest have money to renew old machines but they have money to dine and drinking whisky

  3. Stupid campany…useless pple, 5years rain..mose munayambila za mvula..mene mvula Yagwela last year paka ma floods and u say u nid rain …wat kind of it?? U selfish pple..cnt u thnk of other way forward to help..bfo coming to the pple telling this nonses???

  4. Ask those who were there when they started ESCOM, John Tembo is one of them. Ask him if the current regime is in bleach of contract that was signed by the Malawi government and those who send rains to Malawi rivers to look into what went wrong and what can be done to have such rains just for ESOM alone . How do these people at ESOM get employed when they do not even know how to draft their own resignation letters at the right time??

  5. So Who Are U Talking To ? Us Malawians Or My Heavenly Father? Coz It Seems Ur Comanding That Things Shud Be This Way, Whether One Likes It Or Nt. Some Things Needs To Ask In A Humble Manner.

  6. So yu mean if rains cannot come as heavly as yu’re expecting Malawi will never have electricity,,how many countries in the world rely on heavy rains to have electricity? So malawi it means we have nothing, have no any alternative on everything block our development factors,,if the leadship is poor everything is very hard to be achieved

  7. Mining ikuti chani Of malawi akuchokela pati poti dziko lonse lapansili company imeneyi imaziwika ndizina loti#Escom basi ndekuti mayiko enawoso ndi Mw?

  8. I don’t see these modern facilities to be managed in anywhere by a Malawian. Is an unpredictable 5 year heavy rain to be an excuse that ESCOM will use this time around?. If “I” was State President, I’d not hesitate to pay off these clueless guys cos I’d prefer to pay more for a job done & perfectly done & not create unworkable positions & jobs.

  9. Escom should learn from other countries which are doing better on energy. With the climate change,it will be very difficult to receive above normal rains for five consecutive years.

  10. I honestly do not understand this nonsense. Seven months ago we were being told that electricity will normalize after the rainy season as we waited for the rains. We endured countless days in blackouts and after the rainy season we hoped stability would return. But alas we have another nonsense from ESCOM that we will endure another period of blackouts.. Can someone tell me whether we have enjoyed power availability long enough in our country since 2014?

    Without bias, I give credit to Joyce Banda for giving us power without irritating intermissions as we are experiencing currently. When will lake Malawi have enough water… Last rainy season we experienced floods in many areas and they want us believe there was no enough rains? This is failure altogether and we need not to shield it at all… This is not something to be proud of… It’s a disgrace…

    In 2010 Bingu commanded ESCOM to give Malawians power all day during the South Africa Football World Cup. It happened, we had power all day for a month. What does that show? We can have power all day, we just need political will sometimes…. Government must learn to shoulder responsibility sometimes when things like this happen… It is hypocrisy to only want to receive credit when something good happens after a problem you created by yourself is solved.

    Akadzayamba kuyaka nde tizidzayamikira zoti mwabweretsa nokha? Mmmm Amalawi tikutengeredwa kumtoso

  11. I thought by splitting escom into two entities namely ESCOM and EGENCO the later will improve things but bolani momuja…muli busy kumatigulitsa ma energy saver when are you going to start selling blackouts saver as well? ???

  12. Musadande……
    Kukubwera mvula yoti dontho limoz kukukuntha pamutu tsitsi kuzukapo. Ikamazayamba magesi azizawala ngat dzuwa , nyetsi itachuluka. Volume ya wailes zamages izizakana kusika, mvula imeneyi Izagwa mpaka kuzachosa makina apa nkula ndi tezan kukawataya kwa mgabu. Shire azasefukila mpaka azizadutsa mu ndirandemu.

  13. pakusowekela anthu okhwima nzeru kuti ayendetse bungwe la escom, achotsedwe anthu amawudindo akuluakuluwo. Ndipo akhale mabungwe awili kapena atatu azamagetsi, osadalila bungwe limodzi ,padzikhala mpikisano .

  14. This is a failed state the government of Malawi is useless. Botswana doesnt have rivers it always dry this side but Power all day everyday. All countries around sadc are getting power from Mozambique why Malawi cant just swallow their useless pride and also do interconnection. The industry in Malawi can’t develop without powér. Its 2017 now and people will still be using candles and Koloboyi like serious? Aaaaii no wonder is the poorest country in the world by choice of our USELESS LEADERS. ZIMANDIWAWA KOOPSA KUKHALA MMALAWI PENAPAKE

  15. For escom chinachilichose ndi vuto kugwe mvula yambili ndi vuto kugwe yochepa ndi vuto kusakhale mvula ndi vuto alibe pabwino, kaya ku polytechnic akapangako chani

  16. Ngat Kuli Mbuzi Ya Company ku Malawi kuno yoyamba nde nd ESCOM, Anthu Ake ndma IDIOT, Zoona bodza slimakuthelani? Ana Anjoka Inu Ngat mwatopa nayo Igulisen Kwa Anthu Aphindu akapolo Inu Mxiewww!!!

  17. awanso nawo atitopetsa ngati dpp ndiofunika akapumenso ngati nzawoyu. Mufuna madzi koma nthawi yonse magetsi akhala akuvutayi mulibe nzeru zoyimitsako madzio kuti adzipanga rotate omwewo mudzigwiritsa nthawi yayitali.inu simumatinamiza kukakhala fare kumaonetsa zimenezi

  18. Akundipweteketsa mutu a escom ndi Ku ganizo ntchito ikakuvutani chitani resign basi ena aesepo kuti tione apanga bwanji inu koma kuba kumaika chigwe chamagetsi nyumba yoti ili my window level kumangidwa koma sukulu imeneyi kaya

  19. Kodi inu a ESCOM kusonyeza kut kampani yanuyo imayendetsedwa ndi bodza lokhalokha chaka ndi chakaa?? kodi chifukwa chani simumafuna kut ife monga ma kasitomala anu muzitiudza chulungamooo, chimavuta ndi chaniii?? nyengo ya dzuwa mumvekere kut madzi ku libe, nyengo ya bvulaa, ai madzi achuluka, kukhale mphepo, ai mphepo yo chuluka nde magesi sangayake, kukankhala mdima ai kuli mdima ndee magesi sangayake, kukhale mwedzi ai kuli mwedzi ndee magesi sangayake, sono ife timve dzitiii???

  20. Escom people cant you use your brain?your thinking capacity must be very high all the the time find another solution not what you saying here we are moving in a technology world not samunda time we need the power all the time…aaaaaaa

  21. So it looks like the whole Escom has no any clue for alternative, we will have to rely on rains, really ?? We are not serious , where are the diesel back up generators ?? Where are solar energy investors??? Where are we heading to Malawi. Dzuka Malawi at 53rd independence still slumbering!

  22. Mbuzi ndi atsogoleri adziko. Zinthu zing’onozing’ono amasowa nazo kolowera. Zaka zake zino tizilirabe nkhani yamagetsi? Asakudziwa kufunika kwa magetsi pa chitukuko cha dziko ndindani?

  23. honestly Malawi leaders are pathetic, can’t the divert the lake Malawi to the river that generates the electricity or cant it build adam that can supply water to the hydra power station, greedy will make power for ever, every leader is enriching themself …..

  24. Escom sizanenapo zoona! Mvula ikagwa bwino mumva zinyalala zachuluka, ikabwara yochepa mumva madzi achepa!! Which is which??? Kutengelapo mwayi woti amalawi ambiri sadzisata izi!!!!


  26. it is high time now to switch to other source of energy apart from hydro. look in Malawi you have plenty of sunshine and wind we can harvest energy from those sources. on top of that importing power isnt crime if of course is relative cheap, your neighbors Mozambique and Tanzania have just started to use electricity from recently discovered gas in southern tz and northern mz . in tz for example there is a pipeline from mtwara to the powerplant in dar. Why not a pipeline from those areas to even at nkhatabay to generate electricity?

  27. Why can’t they they move from hydro energy to other sources of energy ,eg in equatorial guinea they use solar energy,, lots of educated people in Malawi spending four years in colleges but they can’t come out with a plan to fix this fucken problem,, and she is not even shy telling the country this nonses,,our president is professor hahaha lots of people holding PhD’s but they can’t come up with a solution ,,,what piece of kak….

    • I have proposed solar energy and named where is successfully done,,wind energy as well like they do it in some states of USA,, we can’t be having the same problems 4 20yrs as if Malawi has no intelligennt people,,in South Africa they burn coal they even sell of their power to Zimbabwe & Lesotho,, why can’t Malawi move away from hydro,,

    • You’re right man , Malawian educated people spend years at colleges just to learn how to be more innovative in corruption. We got DR’s , but we live like we ha been in a world war for 100 years sesi man. Ophunzira but kuombera mmanja zopusa to get access for easy money.

  28. U r mad!!!… I remember there was persistent black out during muluzi’s era……bt once muluzi fired the CEO…..the electricity goes back to normal….same as @ the BT water board…..once the CEO was fired ….the water supply went back to normal……..these CEO’s tried their best to frustrate this Govt…….after they sees that the Govt is very quite on these….they opted to give people of area 18 drinking water mixed with faeces…..Fire them before they frustrate the Govt much…..

    • Masa Chataika wht you r saying is simple.who fired those ceo? if you get the answer then tell him or her to fire them. imagin wina anaponda zachimanga nkumamuyikira kumbuyo kuti sanabe ndie izi angalimbane nazo?

  29. Zankutu zeni zeni iwomwewa mvula ikabwela yambiri umva kumkula kwadzadza dzinyalara . Nkhani ndiyakuti ntchito mwayikanika koma kuba ndalama za anthu osawuka basi dzidyani zaulelezo bola osayiwala kuphuzitsa ana kubako kuti mawa adzabeso inu mukafa

  30. Inu a Escom,why are you then allowing a Mota Engil to be drawing water from Shire river pa Liwonde for their construction works yet the water levels are already low?are you not contradicting yourselves?tired of your endless excuses

  31. If last years rains weren’t enough then l thin we need to move our country to the Amazon forests but l think we need to find an alternative source otherwise imagine a year with completely no rain what will happen

  32. Even if we get heavy rainfall foe five consecutive years, nothing will change, a failed nation, useless leader. Last time awa a DPP anauza dziko kuti magetsi amavuta chifukwa ku ESCOM kunali otsutsa, kodi pano abwereranso? DPP yatchuka ndi KUBA basi.

  33. Mlungu ukakhala sakukondwera nawo utsogoleli zosatila zake ndizimezo,ndekungoyerekeza kuvomereza zotaya mimba,mathanyula ndi izo zofuna amabungwezo haa Malawi samala mvula ikunenedwayo sizagwa bwino kwa zaka 5,mkwiyo wa mlungu ndiophya

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  35. How can y reason wit God if y fail 2 give people electricity just say it don’t lie bcz we are all suffering as nation government doesn’t want 2 spend money & this is business we pay 4 it why lie 2 us


  37. Don’t cheat the Malawians during dry season you say water level is low and during rain season you say there is more grass due to climate change so which is which

  38. Agreed khodam very true and you Escom do you want floods in this country because you people could not upgrade your way of thinking I think all of you in Escom needs to be out of job SHAME ON YOU ESCOM TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE

  39. Rain never comes from anywhere else but from God,,,,,,Its the better time wherebye Malawians must learn to depend upon God on everything,,,,, Fasting and prayers its a symble of humbleness before God, God answers without delay for we are his Children

  40. a escom sazatheka,,anazolowela kunama,,,nthawi ya mvula amati zinyalala zachuluka mu mtsinje,nthawi ya dzuwa amati water level yatsika,,nde or patapita zaka 10 azizatiuzabe zomwezo uku ma tariff akumakweza nthawi ndi nthawi.

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