We don’t sleep in trees – court workers


Court workers in the country have insisted that government should pay them their house allowances for the workers to resume their duties saying they do not sleep in trees.

Malawi24 visited court premises in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe where it found the workers dancing to various songs at the court premises.

Court workers on strike, need their house allowance.

Some placards placed at the entrance of the court premises were demanding Malawi government to pay the workers their allowances since they do not sleep in trees.

“House allowance by mistake? Ifeso timagona mnyumba osati mumtengo. Sitilora mpaka zitheka,” read one placard seen by Malawi24.

Courts spokesperson Andy Harawa told local media that that they are expecting government to reject the workers’ demands.

“We heard on local media when the Finance Minister was replying that it is unjustifiable to give us house allowances because government abolished it way back in 2004,” he said.

Recently, prison warders also conducted a sit-in demanding equal salary with officers from Malawi Police Service and Immigration Department who were moved to Grade M in government system.