Mlaka Maliro’s son defended


Organisers of Hiphop4hiv nation theme song competition have come to the defence of musician Mlaka Maliro’s son, Jamaal, following negative talk surrounding his victory.

Jamaal, 23, was earlier this month announced which attracted 200 plus entries. winner of the theme song competition

Jamaal: Deserved the award.

However, some quarters doubt the genuineness of his win arguing he was favoured because his father is a renowned musician.

In an interview with Malawi24 last week, theme song project coordinator for Hiphop4hiv nation Felistus Ngwira laughed off the claims.

She said Jamaal also known as Ka-Mlaka came out as the best, based on the judges’ choice.

She added it would have been of no benefit to them awarding someone because his father has a name in the music industry.

“Jamaal was the best and he deserves the award. What would be our benefit to give an award to someone just because his father has a name in the industry? Everything was done in a professional way.
“We were looking for a piece with quality and great message in line with our theme. Both our branches in Malawi and Ireland chose Jamaal and we do not regret the decision,” she said.

According to the organisers, they did not even know that the 23 year old is Mlaka’s son until he was announced winner. This attest to the fact, the playing field was levelled.

Ka-Mlaka was presented with a glittering award and prize money to the tune of K50, 000. The Blantyre International University Student has instincts for both rapping and singing.



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