Miss Malawi Ireland becomes a joke on Malawian social media: the winners are not beautiful

Miss Malawi

A beauty contest for the person to be Miss Malawi in Ireland has ended up being a joke on Malawian social media.

A cross section of Malawians posting on Facebook and observed by Malawi24 have indicated displeasure at the choice of the judges while some have laughed off the winning team.

Miss Malawi
Miss Malawi

Some Malawians who have commented on the winners have wondered the criteria that was used.

“Was this a beauty contest or what, who chose the three to be the winners?” a Malawian social media user wondered.

“If these are the winners then what about the losers?” another asked.

“Is this the best that Malawians in Ireland can give us, are there no beautiful girls there?” yet another asked.

However some people have also defended the choice.

One Malawian based in Ireland said that the three girls are not that bad looking but only the pictures got them wrongly.

Another Malawian said beauty contests have changed and these days people do not just focus on outside beauty.

Miss Malawi
The top 3



  1. Dont force others to c negativity in the girl it means these pple r above us while we r failing to organise invents of this nature as a country

  2. This morning my boss said ,Max check your miss malawi ireland ,ha ha ha,she was laughing
    I said No she is not the one,they were on rehearsals so someone took a pic and post it on internet,They will choose miss malawi ireland tomorrow evening
    She said: really I wonder ,whats wrong with judges there.(she left my office)
    I talked to myslf ” Oh God why this people ruin our reputation,its not like we dont hv beautiful girls in Malawi”

  3. Ooops, Im in FREE MODE. No PHOTOS. My advantage I guess….but first let me find out all the meanings of “BEAUTY” I will be back with a matured comment

  4. Anthu omwe amafuna aoneke ozindikira koma zili mbuli. Aoneke ochenjera koma zili mbuzi.. A Malawi. Ukuchita kununkha mkhwapa koma ukuona kunyasa kwa ena..

  5. Even achina miss Malawi athu akomkunowa sikuti ndi ngenge zoposa ma ladies onse pa flames pano. komano ndi madolo pa amene anaonesa chidwi kupanga nawo mpikisanowo. ena za contestbija alibe nazo deal according to their perspective. nde let it be. just my line of thinking!!!!

  6. Iiii izi ndie zaonjedza umiss Malawi wachokela pati asaa Musakasankha ine bwanj nkhope ngati agogo chonche kamwana thupiko kkkkkk mavuto kwabasi kumwetulila ngati akulila kkkkk

  7. To be a beauty queen nowadays is not only the face, but the wisdom, love of people, personality and intelligence. On top of that, the eyes of Ireland are not the same like of Malawi. They are all beautiful.

  8. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk……..my girl friend is also there but she was not one of those contastars, she could have won had it been that she was contasting because she is very beautiful and unique in her on way….lol

  9. Ngati Nkhani Yake Ndi Ya Education Ndye Olo Anastanzia Msosa Akanatha Kupta Or Jessie Kabwila Could Av Gone Koma Iyi Ndi Beauty Contest Mpikisano Wa Kukongola Not Papers. They Could Av Picked Someone From The Street But Beautiful.Akazi Ambiri Ophunzira Sakhala Okongola Kafukufuku Wanga Akutelo

  10. Miss Malawi or Miss Ireland it doesn’t mean she should be beautiful more than anyone in Malawi. NO. The are unique in their own way. I always say this. It because of the Grace! Kikkkk

  11. The problem is that most of us Malawians we are ignorant about beauty contest thing and we understand it literary as the name is “beauty contest” while in the contest itself there is no beauty element as facial looks of a person. But height, body positioning wen walking (cat walking), confidence, articulation on matters of interest, presentability matching dressing and place etc that’s wat the judge look pamene ife mbuli pankaniyi timayang’ana nkhope basi kuyipa kwakenso osazimvesafe nde oyamba kunyoza zinthu zoti sitikuzimvetsa olo pangono.

  12. Beauty is a lot of things…Olo utaona za miss USA,SA or miss World they just don’t look at the face only… There are so many factors.. Umbuli amalawi

  13. Kkkkk well well am laughing at all of people ijecting lots of words.lets face we btfull that’s all maters to all of us human.

  14. Nsanje ndiyomwe yakula pa malawi,mukunyoza zinthu zomwe sumukuzidziwa bwino.akamati kukongola kwa mkazi;ozitsata samaoner nkhope yokha koma pali zomwe zimaonedwa bwino

  15. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they are all God’s creation. Inuyo owoneka bwinonu amakuletsani ndani to contest? We can’t develop as a nation with these altitude (sp) of ours

  16. Malawians I don’t believe at this age there are people who don’t understand what is beauty contest. It’s all about confidence and intellectual not what you àre thinking. You people àre always negative about who you are, your country and what you stand for. Wakeup

  17. Fam, Malawi z failing to thrive not bcoz of calling a spade spade bt rather we lack objectivity like some of us here. Zinthu zikalakwika tiyeni tivomereze, i think th judges had had a hard tym in chuzing these guys since kukuoneka ngati atsikana ake zidavutako pang’ono(make-up yopanda formula ngati iyi, nkuyamba kuyiona kkkkk). Had it been i wz nt told tht thiz r malawians, wouldnt hv recognised them since thy r nt depicting any of malawian traits(dolls.com:p:p:p). N i wonder if thy r really representing my mother malawi wit tht kind of adornment, Oooooops!!!.

  18. Pipo, it’s a ‘beauty’ contest n nt an ‘intellectual’ one. Had it been tht z the case, thn even the wawu wawu ladies wud hv been nominated; being educated(infact most of em r relatively least educated) or influential, its jst a +. So it simply means tht thoz wea th BEST, cream ya chimalawi bambo kkkkk. Beautiful ma foot hahahaha

  19. Uku nde kutiwonesa utsilu uku plus kutichitisa manyazi kumayiko aweni anthu aziti kumalawi okongola mapeto ndamenewa?

    Mukufuna tizaumilizidwe kuvomeleza zimenezi kamba kot mwazisankhila nkuziyika pa social media? Iyyyaaa

  20. Okongola Ali konkuno angoyenda ndi azibambo. Pomwe onyasawa analimbikila school and r out to make money. Banyozani mkukongola kwanuko even passport mulibe kkkkkkk tazidyan soya pieces

  21. National team yathu kutichitsa manyazi kudziko lapansi? apa tikuona mulu wa afisi ali apawa kuchititsa manyazi kadziko kanga kkkkkk there is no miss Malawi apa! this is mis Jenda,Embangweni kkkk Lol ndumwa midiro!

  22. Can’t believe u people are backing up this…….its a contest for beautiful ladies….if it was about how educated they are,they could have been picked from there university graduation

  23. I dnt think its all about beauty, we need to first understand the criteria used in selecting them.

    Beauty is just part of it and may even be overlooked at times, the winner is expected to help in various tasks that are aimed at helping Malawians as such some beautful ones may nt be intelligent enough to work properly.

  24. This U Miss Malawi It Jxt Focus On Undress Ur Self Then Walk In Flont Of Big Bally Bosses Then Off They Suscruitize Ur Legs .Thas All. Not Some Shet Ur Talking Here Kkk

  25. I think this competition doesn’t go with how beautiful the gels r,if it was like that esh bitches could won coz they are more beautiful ,

  26. Niggers are you trying to say there no beautiful people in Malawi that you can choose these be serious guys search again in whole Ireland and start again please delete this post on social network please

  27. Its not alie how you choose the winner we got very nice ines here that are very competative internationally but luk at these so called miss malawi with shameful faces even dressing very flamboyant hheeee shame

  28. u subsidise sin,so those u call miss can be can walking naked on public? and therr u re saying that ponographic photos n videos are bad,u contradict urself laws,God is washing u will give account if u don’t repent of this wickedness

  29. Bwanji miss malawi osatenga ku Nigeria kapena ku South Africa (professional miss malawi) sizingatheke?? Kkkkkkkk, koma malawi chilichonse chophonyesa,,kuphonyetsanso miss malawi,,,zoooona??

  30. Malawians eish .

    No wonder we still remaining 1 of poor Africans country…. I feel so ashamed of my self to be called a Malawian… we concentrate on others than ourselves…. so help us Lord

    1. but on ur own opinion, how best can u describe a word “beauty contest?” and from there, consult ur dictionary and see how it is describing it and then compare them with what other ppo are claiming. am sorry sister u were born a malawian and forever u shall be, this case can never be reversed. ingovomelezani kuti pa beauty contest aikapo munthu who was not suppose to be there infact she might have robbed off victory of somebody who deserved to be crown miss malawi not miss intelligent monga ena anena kale. please i beg.

    2. To win Miss so called so so doesn’t mean you have to be beautiful on your face only … beauty comes in a different ways….. other people they are beautiful by face but not educated or they don’t have a beautiful heart …..
      So I don’t know what do you mean beautiful……. for me ” a beautiful person comes from the heart NOT from the FACE…. Hastings Shasha you are a man ” i hope you will make a good choice between a beautiful face or a beautiful heart …. the choice is yours

    3. #cc Diana, r u tryng to say tht cn nt know someone z btfl or gud luking until untill u knw hz/ha heart? I dnt tink so. Being fare-hearted n btfl, thz r two different tingz. U cn knw a btfl ting on a 1st sight bt a fare-hearted cn b kwn overtime. Mind u, the judges of thoz competitions, get to knw some of th contestant fo th very first tym, hw cn they/u knw tht she has a btfl heart only by observing ha beauty juggles she z showcasing on th podium? Wat all am saying z tht thea r apipo wit btfl faces + ill-hearted, ugly ones + kind-hearted and thoz hu r both cute n farely-hearted.

    4. Everyone is beautiful in the image of God…… before we call others ugly we must look ourselves at the mirror … I rest my case

    5. Diana Chabuka Gen 29 vs 17 says Leah’s eyes were weak but Rachel was beautiful and attractive….i doubt they r talking abwt a butiful heart here. Fact is some pple r butiful some r not. We r all created in the image if God yes..but do u think the image of God is this thupi la dothi li? No. Coz it its yes…then y r we different shapes, sizes, height, complexion? Ena ali ndi ma looks ena alibe. And its biblical lyk that

    6. Noooo guyz musatipusitse, let mi 1st agree wit Constance n Douglas; anthufe ndife osiyana mumaonekedwe, n thts th fact, buy t or nt. Thts y even in the book of Job, the bible tells us tht, ”……….the daughters Job bourne during this second time, they were MORE btfl as compared to th 1st ones”(paraphrased). Wat dz tht mean thn, its a COMPARISON of beauty btwn th 1st n 2nd daughters of his. Thts y even if nonse mukhale opemphera, zimatheka kukanana, y? Dubbing someting to b ugly it dz nt imply tht amene akuyankhulayo akudzitenga kuti ndiokongola. In th same line of reasoning, munthu amatha kudzudzula osewera mpira kuti sanasewere bwino nt kuti iyeyo amatha kusewera mpirawo(gud xamplz r sports coaches). On a sad note, wit tht mentality, many xristians mabanja akuwavuta, especially our bloved ladies(i dnt mean u, ope r getting ma point) jst bcoz thy ONLY mind abot thea spiritual beauty ndi kulekerera thupi; very sad. Yesu satipangitsa kuti tisiye kusamba, putting on a better cosmetic etc bt rather bcoz of Jesus we need to take care of oursevz even th more, wit tht spiritual shinning, it wll b a plus. We luv u so much our cute sisters, bt th above, its jst a fact.

    7. I highly doubt our being poor has anything to do with beauty contests nor concentrating on others. Even if your ashamed of being Malawian fact still remains your are Malawian (the poorest country), sooner it sinks in the better. But the Question is what have you done for your country to ensure we get out of this situation?

    8. Congratulations Miss Malawi Ireland…Kodi wanyasa pati munthuyi? She has a killer body and lovely cheekbones.. Just remember beauty pageant is not only how you look but how you present yourself. Oprah Winfrey won a beauty pageant many years ago. #wakeupmalawi

    9. Copied from Ankolo Hope Walker
      Kukhala ndi mkazi okongora koma wa mwano nchimodz-modzi kukhara ndi chuma chokhwimila.

    10. Diana, y hv u singled out Oprah Winfrey? It means tht u agree to th fact tht the person ddnt befit in tht beauty contest thing, bt lackly, she won. And again, u hv quoted tht, ”kukhala ndi mkazi okongola koma wamwano, its jst like hvng ill-gotten wealth”; by tht statement alone, it also means tht u comform to th fact tht, its possible kukakhala ndi mkazi ofatsa, omvera etc koma osaoneka bwino as opposed to th instance u hv given. Kuvomereza kuti chinthu sichooneka bwino, siuchimo n so z kuyamikira chinthu chokongola. Kulakwa ndi pamene wayamba kunyoza munthu yemwe u feel lyk siooneka bwino coz by doing tht, th bible says, ”…….u despise th Maker of tht particular person…”

  31. Indeed shes not beautiful enough to stand that position I wonder who choosed her? Theres more beautiful girls in our country why dont you choose one of them? y choosed this one? Aaaaaa!

    1. Nde zithe zomati chipha dzuwa sinanga mwati satengela kukongola

      Bwanji kungovomereza kuti corruption ndiyomwe ili ndimphamvu mmalawi muno apa

    2. Komatu ine ndimaona amayiko amzathuwa amakhala okongola zedi. Ndekuti omwe amapezeka kwathu kuno amangokhala ophunzira koma osakongola eti.?

  32. kodi akati btful mean Education? mesa mene ndimaonela amati miss malawi btful in Ireland ndeinu mukuti satengela kukongola? anakati amatengela education ndesibwedzi Esther atawina 4 years ago iyaaaaa

  33. kodi akati btful mean Education? mesa mene ndimaonela amati miss malawi btful in Ireland ndeinu mukuti satengela kukongola? anakati amatengela education ndesibwedzi Esther atawina 4 years ago iyaaaaa

    1. Small mind ! Are you sure? Educated in what? You mean being in foreign soil you are more educated? That’s total misconception! Beauty and education no relationship!

    2. again beauty is in the eyes of a beholder. the lady may be beautiful in someway we dont know. none of us has tried her somewhere. hahahaaa may be good in bed who knows

  34. Typical Malawians……Chilichose mpaka tinyozetse basi….Tidzakhalabe otsalira mpaka kalekale zimenezo samatengera kukongola kwa nkhope…..#WAKE UP PEOPLE…!

  35. By the way, are they Malawians living in Ireland or Irish living in Ireland? They are not depicting our Malawian complexions or anything near that. Their behaviour by just looking at their faces dilutes the real Malawian’s. Mbewa zikatha amanona ndi swiswiri.

  36. Kkkk don’t make us stupid do y know what does it mean 2 be miss Malawi / miss world is the quality of particular person personality well educated they can’t just pick some rubbish on the street let’s understand things

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