JB to be extradited


The office of Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) has said it will start the extradition process for former Malawi President Joyce Banda so that she should be prosecuted in Malawi over her role in the cashgate scandal.

On Monday, Police in Malawi revealed that they have a warrant of arrest against Banda and now the office of the DPP has said it is ready to support the police to ensure Banda is brought back home to face trial.

Joyce Banda

JB facing extradition

Police said they obtained the warrant after investigations showed that Banda committed offences related to abuse of office and money laundering.

The police appealed to International Police (Interpol) to have Banda arrested on the claims that she benefited from the systematic looting of public coffers.

As the police are yet to arrest Banda on the charges of abusing office, the DPP has disclosed that it is ready to support the police in arresting Banda who is believed to be in the United States of America on a self-imposed exile.

DPP public relations officer Apoche Itimu said they can help in extraditing Banda to Malawi.

“The office of DPP can help in the extradition process for her to answer charges, so we can help the police to have her extradited for the answering of charges,” said Itimu.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has disclosed that they are still investigating Banda’s alleged involvement in the corruption scandal which was revealed in 2013 while she was in power.

Banda went on a self-imposed exile after losing the presidency during 2014 tripartite elections in the country.

During the time she has been in exile, cashgate suspects in Malawi have been mentioning her to have been benefiting from the siphoning of taxpayers’ money. An independent audit analysis that was funded by the German Government also established that over K550 billion of public funds was uncounted for during the 2 years that Mrs Banda was president.



  1. If you remember that time she went to Maula prison to visit Atupele and you said she musnt use a government vehicle but she was vice president and Lucius Banda is de one who took his car to give her a lift but what was happening two weeks after that she became a president that’s what GOD do now you come with your cashgate scandal but what you have to know JB is not just a person like others but we must follow our constitution,,,, Pakatelera Ambuye amunyamula basi

  2. When you steal you immediately get arrested, when these politicians steal you say they should not. Do they share you the money they steal?Mind you these presidents don’t pay tax its you & me who pay tax.Allow her to defend herself in court if found not guilty will be acquitted.

  3. if the ruling government wants to show,prove to malawians,it should put on the open the billions of money in question during dpp under Bingu,trial of Bakili,persecute those who murdered Robert chasowa,Njaunji,maize gate thugs,apo bii u will lose popularity by mre malawians,the outside world if that is based on polical influence ahead of campanies:OSAKONDELA

  4. Kkk Koma Muthu Wamayi Uyu Sakugonetsani Tulo Eti?Khawa Yanu Ili Pati Inu Adpp? Ooh Zisakho Zaandikiradi Eti? Mufuna Asapange Nao Kampein! Or Ine Ataika Botolo Pp Ndizaikondabe Pp.Akazangoti Pp One Vote Ndianga Basi.Ooodi Ukoooo!

  5. Extradite???? How many extradite orders has been issued and bring the accussed to Malawi for prosecution?????? If you are failing to bring Misozi Chanthunya to Malawi JB ndiye mumukwanisa?????

  6. Stop wasting government resources on futile stories that you can’t prosecute… I know you know that after playing this hide and seek with her in the end she will sue you and win

  7. what did u do with those 7 Ministers involved in 577 billion? Where were u? Do u do that to pleased DPP or Malawians? Where were u to open a case against Chaponda? What about Robert Chasowa or Njaunji death? Were u not there? Sorry for yourself and shame on u if u have been influenced by DPP Party and malawians are not happy with your work so just keep quite and do your bribes work who don’t know that?

  8. hahaha eeeshi! mantha kapena chani? kale lonse lija jb amati ngati ndili ndi milandu itengeleni ku court ndizakamb, mumkalekelanji kumuitana?? lero mwaona chani, zisankhozi kapena, inutu mugwadi chaka chino inu, kkkkkk

  9. kkkkk nthawi ijayi anachita pofika kunena kuti odya nawo alibe mlandu koma okuba kkkkkk apa nde akumana nalotu lamulo after all ma cashgate convicts ambili akhala akumutchula kuti ali involved…..

  10. Ankathawa milandu sinanga boma lolowera pamaliro linalibe ziwiya ndiye pofuna lilimbe basi kuyamba kutuma wana kuti adzikaba lero ndizimenezi ayamba kuwulura kuti ndi masten amene amatituma ………..uyisomvaaaaaaaaa………ubweleleko komwe unathawilako manyasa akufuna misonkho yawo ija unkakhazikitsila chipani ija……………………

    • ex·tra·dite
      past tense: extradited; past participle: extradited
      hand over (a person accused or convicted of a crime) to the jurisdiction of the foreign state in which the crime was committed.
      “Greece refused to extradite him to Italy”
      synonyms: deport, send, ship, deliver, hand over; repatriate
      “the Russians extradited him to Germany”

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