Assemblies of God hailed after clocking 70 years in Malawi

As Malawi Assemblies of God Church has clocked 70 years in the country, First Lady Gertrude Mutharika has hailed the role that the church is playing in various sectors with the aim of supporting the country.

Speaking during a dinner the church held in in Lilongwe, Madam Mutharika said the church is a reliable partner of the country in various sectors like education, water and sanitation.

“Through its education facilities, the Malawi Assemblies of God is complementing government’s efforts in educating the nation. For example, the Malawi Assemblies of God University (MAGU) is one of the universities that are providing students with access to higher education,” Malawi’s first lady said.

She further highlighted how the church is significantly helping in water and sanitation angles through its arm, Assemblies of God Care (AGC).

“I hereby wish to commend and congratulate the church for being an important partner for the social economic progress of our nation.

“It is against this background that I urge all of us to celebrate the existence of the Malawi Assemblies of God Church in the country,” she added.

The church has since vowed that through its calling it will produce productive people who are ready to help in both government and non-governmental organisations with the common aim of developing the country.



  1. We appreciate the good works you do Madam Getrude Mutharika, Our First Lady and for the support you give by taking into account the role that churches do in Malawi.

  2. inu amene mukuona vuto pa asembless of God tangodzukan muyambe kusova mavutowo bas,kma ife anuwakefe tikusangalala kt tatha zaka 70 tikupeleka Gospel Kwa Anthu.

  3. Assemblies of God church sinapangepo chitukuko chadziko chili chonse and zonse zabwino mumazionazi anapanga ndi Daniel Shaffer nthawi imeneyo panopo atsogoleri ake amadziwa za uthenga wachankhumi basi kamalemera mkumasiya church kukayamba ndale chitsanzo ndi achakwera koma ndi anthu atsankho caus ma church a town amayikana okha okha ochitako bwino koma osauka amawataya kumudzi ndipo amabvutikako kusowa chakudya chifukwa chankhumi chimakhala chochepa

  4. A point of correction The so called University does not belong to Assemblies of God…am a member and I know what happens…secondly there is nothing tangible our church has done to support its members even its pastors in terms of Education, Health, and well being…where is that so called water project….A church that has no headquarters at the age of 70…please tell the truth to shame the devil…besides when you say the truth people help you…There is a lot to be done in our Church…don’t cheat people…..

  5. Iyai zikafika apa timati nazitere bwenzi nazikoma , zamulungu izi we have to support each other . Am one of Jehovah’s witnesses but we can’t say that the AG are not true no !!! We are all using the same bible that contains God’s words that is we do say God is bible and bible it’s God this is according to 1 Timothy 3 : 16 , 17 .

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