Kamlepo happy with Chaponda arrest


Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee vice chairperson Kamlepo Kalua has hailed the President Peter Mutharika led administration following the arrest of former agriculture minister George Chaponda.

Chaponda was arrested on Wednesday this week by Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on three counts and presently is on court bail which he was granted on Thursday after spending a night in Police custody.

Kalua: people thought I was lying

In a Facebook post, Kalua said people have been branding him as a liar, mad guy and that he was just saying matters without facts when he revealed the issue of seven corrupt cabinet ministers.

The Rumphi East constituency Member of Parliament added that it is high time politicians started fearing Malawians.

He then thanked the media except taxpayer funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) for their cooperation in the matters concerning corruption.

“Bravo Mr President you have started well, finish the race. Bravo the media apart from MBC. Bravo Malawians voicing out too, the fight on corruption is not personal and not for Kamlepo alone. Politicians should be afraid as servants,” said Kalua in a social media post.

A few months ago, Kalua claimed that there are seven ministers in Mutharika’s cabinet who are involved in K236 billion cashgate. This prompted Mutharika to ask Kalua to submit names of the alleged ministers, something the legislator is yet to do.

Chaponda is answering charges of corruptly performing public functions, misuse of public office and possession of foreign currency.

His arrest comes after investigations over his involvement in the maize purchase from Zambia scandal as two reports by parliamentary joint committee and Presidential enquiry found that Chaponda was involved in corrupt dealings during the procurement process.

Chaponda who was fired from his ministerial position following massive public outcry over the maizegate issue is expected to appear in court early next month.



    1. Howard Mulolo, you do not need to insult people to put across your point. People will judge you by what you write. I notice that the article you are responding to was written in English while yours is in Chichewa – that in itself sends a message about your level of education and your inability to comment maturely. If you have nothing to offer why not just close your mouth?

  1. “Him alone and him alone is involved in maizegate and him alone and him alone is involved in the Kaloswe contract and him alone and him alone was found with over MK200M in his house and him alone and him alone is suspected to have burned down his office”.

  2. Pulezideti neyeso akufunika kumangidwa basi pamodzi ndi chapondayo onsewo ndi akuba zamalamulo muzisiye Kaye apo chilungamo chiyende ngati madzi

  3. So Kamlepo Kalua is back to his senses?. We are to hear from him now about his MRA scandal & kidnap he faked when he was found at the Roundabout bundledup like a Goat being sold.

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    As for Chaponda issue, we need more arrests of corrupt Ministers like Nankhumwa, Goodwel, Mussa, Jappie and Chiumia.

  5. I hope everyone who wanted the truth to prevail is happy with the step taken on this case because it was of national interest

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