Bullets bitter with Sunday’s gate collection


The Super League match between Silver Strikers and Nyasa Big Bullets at Civo Stadium is said to have attracted thousands of spectators but only K10 million was realized.

Now reacting to the development, Bullets General Secretary Albert Chigoga says his club is not happy with the said amount as the stadium was filled to its capacity during the people’s team 2-1 defeat.

Speaking to the local media, Chigoga his club will assign boys to arrest anyone who is behind the recent gate fraud at Civo Stadium.

He said: “We are baffled and upset with the heartless and shameless pilferage at Civo Stadium. The Stadium was full and every space was seated. To realize only K10.9 million was unfathomable and disgraceful to say the least.

“We are not expecting reversal of the loss of money but whoever is benefitting from this organized pilferage will regret soonest. Teams spend a lot of money to prepare for the games and this is not acceptable.

“If nothing will be done to stop this vicious act, Nyasa Big Bullets will mobilize and position it’s boys to detect, sniff and deal with the culprits in its all games,” he told the local media.

Meanwhile, Super League of Malawi (Sulom) through its General Secretary Williams Banda says they will investigate the matter.

M and C firm were responsible for the gate management on Sunday.





  1. Not only bullets, I went there and I said it kuti anthu awa aba zambiri. Kulowa anthu 3, kung’amba ticket imodzi. Anthu oipa kwanbiri. Tinaliko ambiri koma eeh! Akolola basi. Zokhumudzitsa

  2. More gates to come, maize gate, cash gate, stadium gate, and church gate in many churches eiiiish kkkkk kusolola Amalawi

  3. Who does the gate collections sometimes its better you should employ nurses or other cadre apart from people from your club!!! Those are the ones who steals the money ,dzuka malawi

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