Burundian in for attempting to have Malawian ID


A Burundian teenage woman has been arrested in Lilongwe as she was attempting to register as a Malawian in the ongoing national registration exercise.

Lingadzi police spokesperson Foster Benjamin has confirmed the arrest and has identified the young woman as Miracle Kampile Emmanuel, 19, who was arrested on Friday at Chigoneka Registration Centre at Area 47 Sector 3.

According to Benjamin, upon arrival at the centre Emmanuel filled the registration form before presenting the same to the officials for thorough registration.

“However, the registration officer , Mr Nafe Mandevu, noted that the suspect was trying to cheat her way out as a native of the country and immediately reported her to police ,” Benjamin said.

She was then arrested and taken to Lingadzi police substation where she confessed to be a Burundian national.

She further revealed that she had stayed in the country for more than 10 years and had no any other motive behind her registering as a citizen of the country.

She is expected to appear in court soon once investigations are concluded.

Recently, a Mozambican man in Dedza was also arrested for trying to have a Malawian identity card.



  1. Its very very difficult to monitor such a tendency because of these mass corruption that is currently growing , so I see it happening for unpatriotic citizenry are there already to receive money or any other items so that the so called foreigners are getting captured..

  2. I dont know if government took a first step to identify non malawians who are staying in malawi before starting this registration. You can not start register the early comers among late comers coz by the end of your registration you may have no late comers and you wonder why.

  3. Anyone caught compromising our national security including being found assisting non nationals acquiring ID’s should be tried for TREASON! Nothing else…our reputation is being tarnished by these scoundrels!

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