MHC threatens to evict tenants over hiked charges

The Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) has threatened to evict tenants who will fail to pay the newly hiked rentals.

This follows MHC tenants’ outcry that the new charges are unbearable citing the economic hiccups that Malawi is in.

The Malawi Housing Corporation has just raised rent for such houses. (Image credit: Paul Chirwa )

The tenants added that the hike comes at a time when many employers have not given salary increment to their employees.

But MHC spokesperson Ernestina Lunguzi said they are to evict tenants who will not manage paying the adjusted charges.

Lunguzi said the decision for the rental adjustment cannot be reversed hence those in need of MHC houses must pay.

Ministry of lands, housing and rural development has since disclosed to have had talks on the matter with MHC to find the cause of the hike.

MHC announced a hike of rentals for its houses effective July 1, 2017.

The hike will see some tenants paying 80 percent more than the amount they are paying now while others have had rentals for their houses increased by up to 120 percent.