I made Chakwera popular, says Kabwila

Jessie Kabwila

Vocal Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator for Salima North West Jessie Kabwila has claimed that she sold party president Lazarus Chakwera to the electorate and made him popular in the run-up to the 2014 elections.

The sentiments follow criticism that Kabwila did nothing worth appreciating while she was publicity secretary for the party.

Jessie Kabwila
Kabwila (R) says she made Chakwera (C) famous.

But commenting on the criticism, Kabwila claimed to have stood with the party at times when the MCP faced shakeups while sailing on the sea to the shore of 2014 elections.

“Anybody who says that probably does not understand the role of publicity secretary in Malawi Congress Party, I raised the profile of President Dr Lazarus Chakwera and served royally in many circumstances, people are aware that the president was to be sold in 8 months and when I came I made it my business to sell him as MCP product to a point that he won the elections, it is only that the elections were stolen.

“If he is known today it is because of the publicity secretary, we are the ones that held press conferences and people are now aware that the time I was speaking for the party is different to now, when I went to PAC (Public Affairs Committee) to represent the party I did such a good job and ended up being charged with treason, that’s [how] good I am” said Kabwila.

She added to have given pride to the party arguing she lives an MCP lifestyle everyday through her talks to people that she meets.

Kabwila also disclosed that she never said anything bad to Chakwera whom she described as a person she communicated with frequently while working as publicity secretary.

The Salima North West lawmaker then urged the party’s leadership to accommodate democratic principles by accepting other members’ ideas.

“When I disagree with the president it doesn’t mean I am not loyal, I am an academician and I was trained to critic and not always to say Yes bwana (boss) even if things are going wrong we live in a democratic set up and not theocracy,” said added.

Kabwila was suspended from MCP on allegations that she planned to set on fire the party’s headquarters.

A disciplinary hearing for MCP on the matter lifted Kabwila’s suspension from the party but she was not retained as publicity secretary.



  1. It just shows Chakwera is failing to unite the party. Can he unite Malawi with so many parties, religions, tribes? From the word go, Chakwera is a failure in everything – a specialist in failure.

  2. please leave politics aside Madam jessie Kabwila worked tirelessly during 2014 campaign to sell chakwera this is true wina afune asafune, zinazi mwaonjeza

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