Malawians in Nkhotakota at risk of not being registered

Inadequate number of National Registration Bureau (NRB) officers is delaying the national identity (ID) cards registration process in some parts of Nkhotakota, raising fears that some Malawians will not get registered.

Malawi24 visited some places in the district where it was established that it is taking long for people to be helped since there are a few registration officers.

In a tour to Mpamantha Primary School registration centre in the district, Malawi24 established that the area has a high population which is piling pressure on the four registration officers deployed at the centre.

Registration could be distorted in Nkhotakota . (Related Image credit to UNDP)

Malawi24 learnt that if a person is alone, the process is taking less than 2 minutes but since there are many people in the area who want to register and some take their children to get registered, the process is being delayed.

People are coming in abundance and the four registration officers, who have been divided into two teams, are failing to help all of them.

Paul Mayenda who got registered at the registration centre told Malawi24 that community members are spending a lot of time at the centre to get registered.

“Government should consider adding the officers so that all people must be helped. It will be not good if some of people will not be registered as it has been confirmed that national identity cards will be used in the forthcoming 2019 tripartite elections,” he told Malawi24.

Mass National ID registration to start in June

“The scheduled 18 days of the process is not enough and some additional officers are needed to at least help all people at this centre,” he added.

One of the registration Officers Abbas Chikukula at Mpamantha Primary School admitted that they are failing to keep up with the demand.

“We do not have problems with equipment. They are in good condition but the only challenge is that people are coming in large numbers and we are failing to help them quickly because we are few,” he said.