Law expert tips Malawians on how to treat undisciplined MPs


Professor of Law at Chancellor College, Edge Kanyongolo has tipped Malawians on how they can handle Members of Parliament (MPs) who do not attend parliamentary deliberations.

Kanyongolo’s remarks come at a time when most MPs have been missing in the house despite already receiving K50,000 sitting allowance for each day.

The law lecturer has told Malawians that they have the mandate of summoning their MPs to explain why they do not attend Parliament.

Professor Edge Kanyongolo
Professor Edge Kanyongolo says Malawians can summon the MPs.

“Why don’t constituents for example after sitting of Parliament call their MPs to explain why they miss the meetings. I am sure [with this] some will stop,” he said.

On Tuesday this week there were only about 90 legislators who attended the morning session out of 193 MPs and most of the absentees were from the government side.

Government chief whip in the House, Henry Mussa, told a local radio over the week that sometimes the legislators do not miss the parliamentary proceedings deliberately since there is a lot of work they do apart from attending the House.

Prior to the ongoing Parliament meeting, New Labour Party president Sam Mpasu said MPs who miss the parliamentary proceedings without valid reasons should not be getting their sitting allowance for the days that they do not attend.