Parents seek audience with Mutharika over Chanco closure


Concerned parents for students from Chancellor College (Chanco), a constituent college of University of Malawi (UNIMA), have disclosed that they are to meet President Peter Mutharika to have talks on the closure of the college.

Leader for the concerned parents Paul Chikwekwe said they hope Mutharika who is Chancellor of Unima can help in resolving issues that led to the closure of the institution.

Chikwekwe added that they are waiting for the scheduling of the meeting by the Office President and Cabinet (OPC).

Chanco remains closed.

“We want to meet the state president as the first parent and we believe with him we can come up with some solutions on the matter,” said Chikwekwe.

Leader for students at Chanco Sylvester Ayuba James said he hopes the meeting will click a positive button on the need to have the college opened.

Chanco was closed following a sit in by academic staff who are demanding harmonisation of salaries for UNIMA employees working as lecturers.

The lecturers argued that academic staff from College of Medicine (CoM) receive more money yet they are also employed by UNIMA.

However, UNIMA council justified the differences on perks saying CoM lecturers receive another package on top of the salary for also working in public hospitals.


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  1. Indeed it is a concern that Chanco has been closed for so long. It is high time we Malawians learned that our country cannot develop if we continue demanding more pay willy nilly. certainly copy cat wage demands will not help the country. Unfortunately, sometimes it is politicians from all parties (MPs) who start the bad practice, even sometimes forcing government to increase their pecks silently, to avoid drawing public criticism. On another note, I must conratulate government for new road projects that have been done in the country. Recently I traveled to Phalombe from Blantyre through Chiradzulu. Quite a good road. However, Good concrete road sings too, which may not be vandalised. However, I wish to ask the Road Authority to put up signs indicating which toad is leading to what destination. For instance I came across a round about with four roads but there is no signage indicating where any of the roads is leading to. I believe one of the roads leads to Zomba via Jali. This problem is present on the entire road network there. Again there is no signage indicating distances to places accessible on the road.

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