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Joyce Banda

They might be political enemies, but on Tanzania, Malawi lake wrangle former head of state Joyce Banda has supported President Peter Mutharika’s idea of taking the case to International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Banda said Mutharika must push for the ICJ path arguing Tanzania has no right to claim ownership of the lake.

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Backs Mutharika on Lake dispute.

This follows Malawi government’s decision to sue Tanzania at ICJ arguing it has shown lack of seriousness by delaying mediation talks on the matter.

Malawi through foreign affairs minister Francis Kasaira expressed dismay over the conduct of Tanzania which delayed mediation talks hence the decision to have ICJ hearing on the case.

Commenting on the matter, Banda has disclosed her support to the decision arguing Malawi has a document that can help win the case.

She further urged Mutharika to stop politicizing the lake dispute with Tanzania arguing it is a serious matter.

“The way I look at that document I believe we are to win the case but we should be ready for that, we shouldn’t lose our lake and we should not politicise it. You can insult Joyce Banda on other issues but not connecting to the lake issue,” said Banda. “I support the idea to have the matter being taken to International Court of Justice by our government”.

Mutharika’s government has been blaming the former head of state for being weak on the lake issue during her era.

In reaction to the allegation, Banda disclosed that it is her government that had planned to take the matter to ICJ court before Mutharika.

Tanzania has been claiming ownership of part of the lake since 2012 but Malawi has always maintained that it owns the whole lake.

However, some quarters have faulted Malawi’s neighbouring country for claiming part of the lake arguing colonial masters cleared ownership to Malawi.


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  1. We must fight for our country,forget about what Joyce did.we need to focuss and complete the issue of our lake.

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