I want you here’, Mutharika not done with slurs on JB


Malawi President Peter Mutharika has once again called on former President Joyce Banda to come back following her self-imposed exile.

President Mutharika was speaking on Wednesday in the commercial city of Blantyre when he presided over the official launch of the 29th Trade Fair at the Chichiri Trade Fair Grounds, whose theme was ‘Productivity, a Source of Export Competitiveness.

Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika: Attacks JB again.

Mutharika said it has been a long time since the former president left the country for America.He called on Banda to stop boarding minibuses when she wants to travel in America saying he need her here in Malawi.

“Tell that someone who stole our money and fled the country to come back. Tell that somebody to come here in Malawi. She should stop boarding minibuses in America and the best way is to come back to Malawi and she should also stop insulting my government,” said Mutharika.

Banda who was recently pictured at a bus stage waiting to board a bus in America left Malawi soon after losing the 2014 presidential elections.

At the same function, Mutharika also attacked the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) saying it dropped people into the lake.

“I can see the party is growing here in the south and I have heard that this party which sinks people into the lake, the Malawi Crocodiles Party, wants to come here in the south but they will fail,” said Mutharika.



  1. Which party is for the south and south of what? Malawians wake up. It cannot be true that this is advocated by the President of the Country. Yes Malawi has three regions, southern, central and northern.Yes the leaders of the parties may come from either of the regions, but they are national leaders not tribal leaders. We have tribal leaders. Please Malawians desist leaders that promote tribalism. It is evil, highly un Godly. If God wanted that, each tribe would be a nation on its own. Condemn this uncouth politics in strongest form possible. Actually, it must be IMPOSSIBLE not to condemn it.
    As for Malawians, stop voting on tribal basis. If you do that, there is no future for your youth even if now you may seem to be ok as a tribe. It is just for a little while.
    Leaders please do not destroy the Nation. If you need to pray before you open your mouths, please do so.
    God bless Malawi.

  2. Apa nde bwana president mukuonetselatu kupusa kwanu. Kodi osayamba kufuna George Chaponda ali pafupi pompayu bwanji nde muziyang’ana bwino ku america? Kusesa timayamba mnyumba bwana president osati panja,mukusungau ndimulandu kwa inu otchinjiliza mbava kuti isamangidwe mukazachokapo mwakhalapo. Funsani Yaya wa ku Ghambia kapena Hillary, akuuzani bwana!

  3. Is this really father of the Malawi nation? Really a leader of the nation insulting? if he boards flights doesn’t mean everyone is boarding a flight some are not even boarding minibuses. He knows that Malawi Crocodile Party is the best that’s why he is him today bcoz of the party he insults today.
    If this really came out of his mouth then the malawi nation has a big problem and no leader.

  4. Mr presdent,,,Tasian kulalatira nd kutukwana amalaw amzanu,,, kuchoka pa winiko mudafka kwa kaliati frm dea to lucius dzana lomweli kwa Lunguz,,,pali chamzeru..?? Komaso alangzi apresdent mmalankhulidwe pliz tamamuuzan zomzeru munthuyu,,,aaaaa….