Govt to recruit new nurses


The Malawi Government has said it will recruit new nurses in order to increase the number of nurses in the country’s hospitals.

Spokesperson in the Ministry of Health Adrian Chikumbe said the ministry will soon recruit 600 nurses to achieve the nurse to patient ratio.

Adrian Chikumbe

Chikumbe: Has confirmed of the news.

“As government we are making strides to make sure that the doctor patient ratio is achieved and we will recruit 600 nurses to be in line with the number of patients,” said Chikumbe.

The International Council of Nurses recommended nurse-patient ratio is 1 nurse to six patients but in 2015 Malawi was said to have a patient-nurse ratio of 1 to 80.

Chikumbe admitted that achieving the recommended nurse to patient ratio is still a challenge but government will make sure that the number of nurses is increased.

He also revealed that the ministry of health has not fired some health personnel who were involved in drug theft but noted that they are still under investigation.

According to Chikumbe, some of the health personnel are waiting to appear in court.



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