Katsonga to take court action against his suspension


Mwanza Central lawmaker Davis Katsonga has warned he will seek legal action following his weeklong suspension over breach of dress code.

The former Speaker of Parliament on Wednesday entered the House with a Ngoni headgear made from animal skin.

In his application of standing order 104 (C), second deputy speaker Clement Chiwaya questioned Katsonga’s dressing forcing the Member of Parliament to leave the house having refused to take off the headgear.

Davis Katsonga

Katsonga suspended over this attire.

The legislator was quoted as telling a local private television station that he will take the matter to court. He argued that having once served as a Speaker of the National Assembly, he is not ignorant of what the law says on dress code.

He further clarified that the law is silent on extra wears like headgears and bangles. In conflict with this, only women are allowed to wear headgears.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) parliamentarian who is a devoted Ngoni, left the house in honour of his cultural heritage. In the same vein he has vowed to fight tooth and nail in an effort to maintain his Ngoni identity.

According to the law, decent outfit in form of a suit and necktie are required for male members of Parliament. It is not specified whether one should wear a decent shirt or shoes as the Mwanza central representative argues.

The legislator is an entity of the Maseko Ngoni. He is an impi (advisor) to Maseko Ngoni as appointed by Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani lV which he said validates his wearing of a headgear.



  1. Parliament makes its own rules governing its conduct of business as well as other issues including dressing.

    Katsonga knows but he just wants to test the courts. It is up to parliament itself to change this and Courts will not want to interfere in the business of parliament. Parliament has its own dress code. Not so?

  2. Colonialism brainwashed every Citizen in Africa, I am not on his side or anybody. What is African code? It is indeed that African masters are Western, this issue doesn’t need to point fingers or calling names. What he did was African style in the place where it is in Africa but the master of the place is Western master, if he wears it.

    How did you discover Suite Malawi just asking? You wanna judge someone of your own by doing the rightful lifestyle for Africa for not obeying Western style, lack of knowledge we perish!!!

  3. Perhaps it makes sense that he should have moved a motion to change the dress code but as for the issue of discipline, I think a good number of legislators would be deemed not fit to represent the people.

  4. In fact the man lacks discipline and therefore not fit to represent people. He needs to learn to do the right thing, in the right manner at the right place. Obviously he was testing the waters and he got what he deserved.

  5. …whether it’s in n the name of africanism, tradition or whatever you can call it , the legislator got it horribly wrong. He himself is the law maker for crying out loud. He has been in the field for long, he is not a novice in the August house so why the hoot did he do that? In my opinion, if he wanted to wear such traditional regalia he should have waited to move a motion on changing the dress code in parliament. It does not potray good image for the law maker to break the laws they themselves make and expect us to sympathize with them that their constituents are being denied representation. Hell no. I for one, I’m not for any particular dress code but would not support any one who deliberately flouts the standing orders to go scot free. He invited this upon himself.

  6. By the way, what does a suit bring to parliament ? What we need are ideas to drive this country forward and not emphasis on wearing suits that do not even bring any value. We should be obsessed with our progress and not to deprive a constituency its representation by suspending an MP for wearing an animal skin. We are misdirecting our efforts. In any event, even a day’s suspension was enough.

  7. KUNUNKHITSA ⚠ ⚠ parliament ndizikopa zanyama zantchire zoona? kupwanyila ufulu azinzaotu kumeneko, OSANGOZINUNKHITSA⚠ ⚠ NOKHA BWA MU BANJA MWANU?

  8. Did you know that a group of baboons is called a “Parliament?”
    That’s why u shouldn’t be surprised at what these legislatures do

  9. Amongst all the places he could dress that on why choosing parliament where has it’s strict rules on dressing!? That’s contempt of parliamentary rules that can ignorantly be done not by a law abiding mp like him and more especially former speaker! What does he want to portray to others!?

  10. Ngakhale mwana ngati sanavale mopwanya lamulo la sukulu amabweza akapitiliza khalidwe lonyasa amapasa chibalo kenakumuyimisa sukulu nde katsongayo akufuna atchuke moti azake alibe chikhalidwe cha kwao ndale zaku malawi umbuli ophunzira okhaokha

  11. Osanyoza bwana wanga, choringa chao angofuna awakumbutse anthu kuti adakalipo ndipo angathe kumenyera nkhondo angoni.Mwaitha bwana umatchukapo nde ndale zapamalawi.

  12. What do u want to teach us mr katsonga? Should the chewa come to pariament with (azimu),u hav lost truck thats not the way to gain political popularlity,anyway,should chinese people sell snakes in there shops coz its their tradition?if chakwera chooses to immitate u and come in his chewa tradition who wil stand?

  13. Chitsuru uyu dats y chipani chake chnamukanika mexa malo a tchto aliso amakhra ndi dressng code?? Kudziva bx stupt munthu opand mzeru ngt iwe xndnakuwne manyi yamunthu katsonga