Chanco lecturers’ injunction worries parents


Concerned parents of Chancellor College (Chanco) students have expressed worry over a court injunction obtained by lecturers stopping implementation of recommendations by a mediator on the controversial salary disparities among University of Malawi (Unima) staff.

This follows a conciliatory report prepared by private practice lawyer Modecai Msiska to terminate and recover the 40 percent supplementary salary which College of Medicine (CoM) lecturers receive for working in public hospitals.

Remains closed.

Commenting on the matter, leader of the concerned parents Paul Chikwekwe said the development will further delay the opening of the college.

“We met the lecturers to explain to us their side of the story and we met also the management by then the management had opted for legal proceedings but we advised that dialogue is the best way and that taking the matter in court will delay opening, unfortunately the lecturers have done something that we stopped the management.

“Now our worry is on the lecturers, why going to court? We thought dialogue is the best way, this will give unnecessary delay for the opening of the school,” said Chikwekwe.

However, Chancellor College Academic Staff Union (CCASU) President Anthony Gunde said the development will see the matter being fairly resolved.

Chanco students’ leader Sylvester Ayuba James has since faulted the management for being “dictatorial” on the matter.

CCASU has been protesting the salary differences among employees under UNIMA arguing that CoM lecturers were getting more money from their employer, University Council.

The development witnessed Chanco students being sent packing a few days after they had arrived for their new academic year.



  1. For many years lecturers working at College of medicine their salary was more than those in other colleges under unima though having the same quolification.This is a management issue and the lecturers has been negotiating with unima council who engaged the mediator to find the way forward

  2. The problem is political propaganda to cheat ppo to vote for them without chievable manifestos.Truly,it was publicly said there would be salary harmonisation,whr is it?Lectuerers r not babies and they demand what they were promised.U know promise made Yohane lose head,here u r.

  3. its high time we realise that xul does not remove foolishness nor impart wisdom in man…thats,it suffices to say many degrees or high quality education is not the key to good governance…this is why many educated people are failling Malawi today…we believe that professors and their friends can lead us coz of their qualifications not knowing they are dander heads in as far as wisdom is concerned…the behaviour of these lecturers and unima council is a clear proof that they are lacking quality of wisdom…