Police told to investigate Kamlepo’s abduction


Malawi Human Rights Consultative Committee (MHRCC) has told the Malawi Police Service to investigate the abduction of Rumphi East Member of Parliament Kamlepo Kalua saying it is an issue of national interest.

Reacting to the police’s statement on the abduction of Kalua, MHRC chairperson Robert Mkwezalamba said police have a duty of letting the nation know the truth of a matter and not giving misleading information.
Kalua went missing on May 4 and was found three days later, tied up with a blue rope at Kwacha roundabout in Blantyre on May 7.

Kamlepo Kalua was found tied.

On May 8 the Malawi Police Service concluded that Kalua had faked his abduction and warned him that telling the police false information is an offence.

However, the statement by the police has not pleased MHRCC which says the police were supposed to release a report and not the statement.
“The statement which was released by the police on the matter to us was just a joke because they were supposed to release a report and not a statement of such issue and there was nothing which showed effort of the police on the matter.

“When you look well on the statement, it seems police only considered Kalua’s political history and not the facts of whole issue. So we are asking them to investigate much on the issue and give the nation a detailed report as to what happened to Kalua,” said Mkwezalamba.

The chairperson went further blaming the police for changing from good to bad when it comes to investigations saying they were much better in the past.



  1. That WL b a dem lier the police concluded already thats un profession they cnt give out positive results h WL handle it himself

  2. How can kidnappers know the size of his clothes? I saw he was very smart than the kidnappers I think next tym uzaganize bwino b4 staging ur comedy again. This guy is a joke plz gvt don’t waste our taxes 4 this useless investigation the guy knows he was not kidnapped that’s y he dosn’t want to talk anything. Kamlepo nxt tym people will kidnap u 4 real. Anali komwa coffee ku joburg ndi Joyce Banda uyu tamutaeni

  3. Ngati mwina akulephera kunena komwe anali,omwe anamugwira Mr kamlepo iwo mwini akuyenera kudziwa kuti ndimboni yoyamba kunena za anthu omwe anawagwira koma nawo akuti sakufuna kunena

  4. abduction indeed coming out clean strong well dressed from abduction that’s great to be abducted this days in Malawi

  5. Pa nyasalandi Ndindarama zamisonkho yanthu inu sizimakukhuzani zamavuto aMalawi.Anthu akuvutika midzimu.kusamba opanda sopo.Mufufuze ka Ten koyambako sikakwane

  6. How many investigations waste of time and resources thats wy we are still poor Malawi we include more department when doing things like investigations, opening of some infrastructure built by government compare to other developed countries they dont waste tyme for this

  7. Anafufuzakale anatulusanso report ndipo ma Radio ambili anayamikila kuti apanga changu akanati azitelo bwenzizilibwino akuti anazipanga yekha abduct chifukwa choti anameta ndevu.

  8. Inu a mabungwe stupit idiots educated savages with heads full of satanism , go to hell oky. Malawi is not a play zone for kamlepo and his childishness. There are big issues in Malawi maybe you don’t know your job description? If you have become a political group then register it we know you.

  9. We want to know who killed Njaunju and Chasowa not wasting time on silly things. Kamlepo was not abducted he staged it himself cant we see he’s failing even to explain what really happened?

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  10. De stupid gvt y not invesgesting dea fellow member..dea iz highly proof dats chaponda haz plundered more…bt dey r bizy to investget dis litlle isue …police and gvt dey r cowadise pipo…reave kamlepo alon……or dvde dis country..ur ruling iz also cowardise..

  11. Agalu amenewa nkhani ya chasowa adangoti akufufuza mpaka lero sanamalize, nkhani ya issah njauju anangoti akufufuza mpaka lero kuli ziii. Nkhani ya chaponda akuti akufufuza namusiya kumapita maiko akunja. Nkhani ya kamlepo only 2 hrs akuti afufuza apeza kuti akunama. Zaziii kukondera chipani choola cha dipwipwi. Apolisi ogunata akumalawi

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