12 years for raping daughter


A 40-year-old man who raped his 16-year-old daughter in Machinga district has been sentenced to 12 years in jail.

The rapist, Kanyenga Damson, was found guilty of defilement which is in conflict with section 138 of the penal code.

Police prosecutor Rodrick Kamuona told the court that the suspect married a woman who already had four children.

The victim who is one of the woman’s four children from her earlier marriage was staying under the same roof with Damson and he took advantage of this to make sexual advances towards the teenager.

According to Kamuona, Damson began sexually abusing the girl in 2015 and every time he raped the girl he gave her K500 to secure her silence.

Later the girl got pregnant and it became public knowledge that Damson had been sexually abusing her.

The matter was reported to Ntaja police post which resulted into Damson’s arrest.

In court he was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years in jail with hard labour.

Damson comes from Wadi village in the area of Traditional Authority Liwonde of Machinga district.




  1. 12 years conviction is not just enough for this crime. Why not make it 50years? Raping ur own daughter is just more like killing. Don’t tell me that our country is almost becoming lawless!

  2. This is not the true reflection of the world your naked eyes are seeing. That entertains you with all sorts of entertainment. Its evil at its highest level and you are there laughing, gigling, grinning, dancing, partying and praising evil. Ask God through prayer to open up your spiritual eyes and you will see for yourself that all this while you had been living a lie through Satan. Do not just comment wordly, comment Godly unless God is not your father who art in heaven. Christ Jesus is Lord!

  3. Do not be surprised. The world is coming to an end. All you are seeing are masterminded by evil in people. Its a war between God and Satan through people to disturb families. Woke up Christians do not give room to Satan to use you. Pray when temptation comes upon you, Luke 22:40

  4. Panopa atsikana ambiri akubeleka ana ali ndi zaka less than 16 koma akapita ku maternity, Palibe mlandu wina uli onse omwe umatsegulidwa, koma madalawo Chifukwa chomwa mazira awo omwe alakwitsa,

  5. please help to undestand the word “RAPE”,komaso pena pake apolisi amachepetsa dala zaka zamtsikana kuti mulandu ukule,in this article it says since 2015 mukundiuza kuti mkazi wamunthuyu amakhala ali kuti? atolankhani mukamalemba nkhani ngati izi mudzimufusaso ogwiririrayo tidzimvaso mbali yake,idont believe nkhani zomango mbali imodzi.

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