First Lady worried with women PhDS

Gertrude Mutharika

It might be just inert in human nature and might be one of the reasons that saw Peter Mutharika emerge the President yet Malawi First Lady has advised women against the trend.

First Lady Madam Gertrude Mutharika has told women in the country to be united if they want to be part and parcel of development of Malawi.

Mutharika was speaking in Lilongwe during Women of Impact conference that was organised by Life Changers International Church, Women of Destiny with the aim of imparting women with knowledge on how to make a difference as Christians.

Gertrude Mutharika : Talks tough on back biting.

In her remarks, she said women must not be having a ‘pull her down syndrome’ (phds) towards other women as this affects development in the country. Mutharika said women must support each other in all angles of life to be successful.

The first lady’s remarks were made against a backdrop of some quarters wondering why Joyce Banda lost to Peter Mutharika although there is a huge population of women in the country.

“A woman of impact does not pull her fellow woman down, a woman of impact does not cultivate envy and jealousy because these things are not pleasing to the Lord.

“A woman of impact does not waste time backbiting and plotting the downfall of another woman. She understands what is written in proverbs 12 verse 19 which says ‘truthful lips endure forever but a lying tongue lasts only for a moment. A woman of impact inspires, motivates and supports others,” Mutharika said.

She urged women in the country to be united in anything that they are doing to make strides in both physical and spiritual life.

Mutharika who is also champion of Bring Back Girl Child to School initiative encouraged women to take a leading role in educating girls saying that this is the only way of empowering girls in the country.

The women conference brought together women from various sides of life to discuss, share and learn experiences from each other to make a difference in their respective societies.



  1. She should pay back that money she took from those people living with HIV and aids, now she has gain a lot from it but patients are suffering because of no money to buy drugs,

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